Aucma MetaFridge CFD-50 SDD: Next-Gen Vaccine Storage Solution

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The Aucma MetaFridge CFD-50 SDD is a game-changer in vaccine storage solutions. Boasting of a Net Vaccine Storage Volume of 50 Liters, this solar-powered fridge promises utmost efficiency. Its superior Direct Drive System improves performance while its use of R600a Refrigerant ensures optimal cooling. With its Grade A Freeze Protection, vaccine preservation is assured. It operates effectively between 10°C and 43°C making it adaptable to varied climates. Advanced features include a Temperature Monitoring Device for tracking storage conditions, a Push Button Power Switch for ease of use, a Locked Lid with Two Keys for security, and Three Storage Baskets for organization. Revolutionize your vaccine storage with the Aucma MetaFridge CFD-50 SDD.

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Aucma MetaFridge CFD-50 SDD: Empowering Global Health through Revolutionary Vaccine Storage

Vaccination is a crucial factor in building a healthy and robust community. However, improper vaccine storage can hinder these crucial efforts. Presenting Aucma MetaFridge CFD-50 SDD, a game-changing solar-powered vaccine storage refrigerator engineered to transform vaccine storage solutions worldwide. It combines advanced technologies with user-friendly attributes, offering a seamless plug-and-play experience. This innovation is designed to cater to both modern and remote settings.

Outstanding Features of Aucma MetaFridge CFD-50 SDD

  • Net vaccine storage capacity of 50 liters, making it perfect for large-scale immunization programs.
  • Utilizes the eco-friendly R600a refrigerant, emphasizing our dedication to environmental sustainability and user safety.
  • Operational in diverse ambient temperatures, ranging from 10°C to 43°C.
  • It provides top-notch grade A freeze protection, shielding vaccines from potential damage.
  • Incorporates a comprehensive solar power system, built to maintain the refrigerator's power needs.

Complementary Components Enhancing Usability

  • Industry-standard temperature monitor guarantees accurate readings and reliability.
  • Convenient power switch enhances easy operation, making it user-friendly.
  • A set of 10 extra fuses helps maintain continuous functionality even under challenging conditions.
  • Safety lid equipped with lock and keys, and three storage baskets for systematic vaccine organization.
  • An integrated compass further improves field usability.

Logistics and Post-Sale Assurance

Designed keeping transportation in mind, the Aucma MetaFridge CFD-50 SDD refrigerator weighs approximately 155 kg during shipping and occupies closely 1 m³ volume.

To validate our commitment towards quality and assurance, we offer a two-year replacement warranty on every Aucma MetaFridge CFD-50 SDD purchase. In addition, a 25-year warranty for the solar module power output is provided, ensuring 80% of the original power rating. Thus, with Aucma MetaFridge CFD-50 SDD, make a step towards high-quality, hassle-free vaccine storage!

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