SDBio Mal Ag Pf w Safety Lancet Kit: Swift and Precise Malaria Diagnostic Tool

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The SDBio Mal Ag Pf w Safety Lancet Kit is an advanced and trusted malaria diagnosis solution designed for detecting the Plasmodium HRP2 antigen. This kit leverages cutting-edge lateral immuno-chromatographic technology, providing:

  • Efficiency: High reliability with a 95.0% Pf panel detection rate, zero false positives, and results in as quick as 15 minutes.
  • Convenience: A prepacked set with all necessary components for comprehensive whole-blood testing, including test devices and safety lancets.
  • Security: Optimum storage temperature conditions (1 to 40u00b0 C) ensure the product’s effectiveness, enclosing it safely from damaging sunlight and moisture.
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SDBio Mal Ag Pf w Safety Lancet Kit: Advanced Malaria Diagnostics for Fast and Accurate Testing

Discover the SDBio Mal Ag Pf w Safety Lancet Kit, a breakthrough in malaria diagnostic tools. This exceptional kit is engineered to detect the Plasmodium HRP2 antigen exclusively found in the Plasmodium falciparum species. It employs advanced immunochromatographic test technology to deliver swift and reliable results.

Key Features:

  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Apply the lateral immuno-chromatographic test format to accurately identify Plasmodium HRP2 antigen.
  • Easy to Use: The kit includes a clear set of instructions ensuring stress-free testing.
  • Quick Results: Results are available within 15 minutes, allowing immediate action for malaria treatment.
  • High Precision: Trust in the kit's verified 95.0% Pf panel detection score, preventing false positives or invalid rates.
  • All-In-One Package: The kit provides a comprehensive testing solution, with included devices for testing, specimen transfer, alcohol swabs, and safety lancets.

The SDBio Mal Ag Pf w Safety Lancet Kit stands apart as an advanced malaria diagnostic solution for healthcare professionals, laboratories, and individual users alike.


This kit is built for efficiency and convenience. Its safety lancet mechanism prevents cross-contamination and simplifies blood sampling. Reading test results is straightforward, not requiring any specialized training. Carry out tests anywhere, anytime for maximum utility and effectiveness.


It is crucial to follow all instructions to ensure safety and obtain accurate results. The kit is disposable and designed for single use. Take the first step toward future malaria diagnosis today with the SDBio Mal Ag Pf w Safety Lancet Kit.

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