SD Bioline HCV Test Kit: The Premier Rapid HCV Antibody Detection Solution

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SD Bioline HCV Test Kit is an efficient in-vitro diagnostic tool offering rapid and accurate cellular-level HCV detection. Key features include:

  • 100% sensitivity and specificity for reliable results.
  • Results delivered within 5 minutes for expedient determination.
  • Safe storage at 1-30°C, resistant to moderate heat and humidity.
  • Prolonged usability with an optimum shelf life of 24 months post manufacture.
  • Kit equipped with 30 individually packed devices, an assay diluent, and user instruction manual.
  • Separate procurement necessary for micropipette, protective gloves, timer, and biohazard container.
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SD Bioline HCV Test Kit: The Ultimate Solution For Rapid and Reliable HCV Antibody Detection

The SD Bioline HCV Test Kit is an innovative healthcare tool designed for the qualitative identification of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) antibodies. Delivering results with unmatched speed and accuracy, this kit stands as an essential element in comprehensive healthcare settings.

Unmatched Sensitivity and Specificity

  • With a sensitivity and specificity rate both standing at 100%, this kit ensures highly exact detection, eliminating the chance for false-positive or false-negative results.
  • The results are produced within a remarkably short time of 5 minutes, making the testing process exceptionally efficient.

All-Inclusive Package for Comprehensive Testing

  • The complete kit comes packed with 30 test devices, each comprising individual desiccant in a foil pouch to maintain optimal storage conditions.
  • The kit also includes assay diluent (5ml/vial).
  • To ensure precise test conduct, a comprehensive instruction manual is included within the kit.

Additional Testing Requirements

For a successful testing operation, the procurement of some external items is necessary: micropipettor, protective gloves, timer, and a biohazard container. These objects are not included within the kit.

Durable Shelf Life and Storage Guidelines

The SD Bioline HCV Test Kit offers a generous shelf life of 24 months post-manufacture. Strict adherence to its storage guidelines is advised to maintain its effectiveness. The kit must be stored shielded from extreme heat and humidity, within a temperature range of 1-30°C. Freezing the kit or the reagent must strictly be avoided.

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