Accurate Hepatitis B Detection with SD BIOLINE HBsAg WB Rapid Assay

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The SD BIOLINE HBsAg WB Rapid Assay is a state-of-the-art Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Detection Kit noted for delivering accurate and quick results within 20 minutes. Key highlights include:

  • Efficacy: High sensitivity and specificity ensure consistent accuracy.
  • User-friendly Design: Simplifies testing with straightforward procedures.
  • Kit Components: Every kit has 30 individual tests and a detailed user manual.
  • Storage Instructions: Maintains integrity between -1°C and 40°C, shielding from extreme heat, freezing, and humidity.

For implementation, essential equipment like gloves, a timer, a micropipette, a pen, and biohazard disposal containers are required.

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Efficient Hepatitis B Detection with SD BIOLINE HBsAg WB Rapid Assay

Introducing the cutting-edge technology, SD BIOLINE HBsAg WB Rapid Assay, a qualitative detection system for Hepatitis B surface antigen. Harmonizing superior sensitivity and specificity, it has reshaped the conventional medical diagnostic methods with its user-friendliness, accuracy, and speed.

Supreme Design & High Precision

SD BIOLINE assay combines convenience and accuracy. Its cassette design simplifies the testing process, while the near-perfect sensitivity and specificity assure precise diagnosis of Hepatitis B.

Time-saving & Versatility

With rapid results available in just 20 minutes, the assay minimizes wait times enhancing efficiency. It's versatile in sample compatibility, working with serum, plasma, and venous whole blood.

Optimal Sample Size & Storage

It requires only 100µl of sample volume, thus, minimizing wastage. Moreover, the kit can be safely stored at -1 to 40°C ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Complete & User-friendly Package

The kit includes a test device with a desiccant individually packed. For safe and correct usage, gloves, a timer, a micropipette, a pen, and a biohazard disposal container are recommended. The compact design ensures portability and convenience of use.

Long Product Lifespan

With a product lifespan of 24 months, the SD BIOLINE HBsAg WB Rapid Assay equips healthcare professionals with a lasting solution for Hepatitis B Rapid Antigen Testing in varied scenarios.

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