Durable, Efficient 180mm All-Purpose Scissors - Perfect for Every Cutting Need

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Durable, Efficient 180mm All-Purpose Scissors for Precise Cutting

Ensure precision and efficiency with our robust, multi-purpose scissors designed for various cutting tasks. The sharp yet safe blades, constructed of superior stainless steel, guarantee exceptional sharpness and endurance. A firm plastic handle offers a comfortable grip, reducing hand strain for extended cutting periods. The scissors come individually wrapped in plastic bags, placed in robust cardboard boxes for bulk orders to ensure hygiene and security during shipping.

  • Sharp and Safe: Offers precise cuts while ensuring safe use.
  • Stainless Steel Body: Promises high durability and long-lasting sharpness.
  • Comfortable Handle: Reduces hand fatigue during extended use.
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Durable, Efficient 180mm All-Purpose Scissors – Perfect for Precise Cutting

Experience accuracy and efficiency with our 180mm all-purpose scissors. Designed to deliver high-quality performance across a multitude of tasks, our versatile scissors are the staple tool every adult needs. Equipped with precision-honed stainless steel blades, these scissors ensure accurate and efficient cutting of various materials, making them ideal for every cutting need - from paper to fabric and everything in between.

The robust construction of these multi-purpose scissors features a stainless steel body, ensuring their durability and longevity. The riveted build, fortified by a screw, provides dependable stability and reinforces the promise of extended usage.

User comfort is paramount - the scissors feature a robust plastic handle that ensures a comfortable grip. With the total length of 180mm, they provide excellent control and adaptability, further enhancing their value as an integral part of any basic tool kit.

  • Sharp, precise blades ensure efficient and accurate cutting
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction guarantees durability
  • Riveted build ensures long-lasting reliability
  • Comfortable plastic handle for easy handling
  • Total length of 180mm offers versatility and control

Packaging and Labelling:

Each pair of our scissors is individually packed in a protective plastic bag, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition. For bulk orders, we employ a robust packaging technique that includes a sturdy cardboard box, offering premier protection during transit.

Included in Essential Kits:

As an acknowledgment of the product's superior value, it is included in essential kits such as School-in-a-box (S9935097) and School in a Carton (S9935055), each catering to the needs of 40 students.

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