School-in-a-Carton Kit 2016 - Comprehensive Educational Solution for 40 Students

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School-in-a-carton Kit 2016 – Comprehensive Educational Resource for 40 Students

  • Designed Specifically For: Efficiently catering to educational needs of 40 students and 1 teacher in diverse settings
  • Detailed Package: 41 methodically arranged components in a user-friendly cardboard box
  • Dependable Lifetime: Durable materials ensuring approximately 1 year of usage
  • Easy Storage & Transport: No special conditions for storage or transport. Non-cold chain.
  • Compact Product Size: Dimensions: 0.80L x 0.60W x 0.25H, Weight: 41kg, facilitating easy portability
  • Flexible Usage: Ideal for emergency or developmental scenarios, suitable for varying educational environments
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School-in-a-Carton Kit for 40 Students - 2016: Your All-in-One Educational Solution

The School-in-a-Carton Kit for 40 Students - 2016 is your all-encompassing educational asset, expertly crafted to cater to multiple learning circumstances. Perfect for emergency situations or sustained developmental settings, this comprehensive and versatile kit addresses all your educational needs, targeting children aged 6 years and above.

This robust kit is packed with 41 components, guaranteeing a rich array of learning experiences for 80 students and one teacher. Its precise packaging into a sturdy, double-walled cardboard box allows for simple transportation and storage. The box is equipped to host classes for approximately a quarter of the year.

Prime Features:

  • Supply sufficiency for 40 students and 1 educator for 3 months
  • Compact and mobile - Weighs around 41 kg with a volume of 0.120cbm
  • Safe and convenient measurements of 0.80 L x 0.60 W x 0.25 m H
  • Incorporates basic educational supplies, including 180mm versatile scissors

Enhanced Features:

  • Durable with an approximate lifespan of 1 year
  • Contact us for additional materials for 40 students and refill kits

Storage and transportation:

  • No need for a cold chain or specialized transportation
  • Not categorized as hazardous


Follow the exhaustive instruction guide provided within the kit. These instructions are additionally available in English at the following link: Learn here

This kit has been thoughtfully developed to ensure inclusiveness, permitting educational engagement in nearly all situations and contexts. Our mission lies in providing superior-quality educational resources, granting every child the ability to proceed with their learning journey seamlessly.

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