Mechanical Infant Scale: Precise infant weight monitoring tool

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Mechanical Infant Scale: Precision Weight Measurement for Infants

  • Design: High-precision spring scale engineered particularly for infants.
  • Weight Range: Broad measurement spectrum from 0 to 25 kg.
  • Accuracy: Precise outcomes with a minimal graduation of 100g.
  • Quick Reading: Delivers results within 15 seconds.
  • Universal Readout: Metric display allowing global application.
  • Dial Display: Spacious 15-20 cm diameter dial that supports low light environments.
  • Zero Adjustment Feature: Enables consistent usage with easy reset function.
  • Stabilisation: Features a rapid-read damping mechanism.
  • Additional Attributes: Integrated dual hooks for stability and weighing trousers or sling attachment convenience.
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The Ideal Solution for Precise Infant Weight Monitoring: The Mechanical Infant Scale

When it comes to monitoring a child's growth, accuracy and reliability are crucial. Our Mechanical Infant Scale offers precise weight measurements in an easy-to-use design, perfect for health professionals and parents. Consistently providing accurate readings is essential to ensure healthy growth among infants.

  • With its measuring range of 0-25kg and a minimum graduation of 100g, this scale offers precise and useful readings for monitoring infant growth.
  • The dial display is visible even in low-light conditions, ensuring you can use the scale at any time of day. This provides flexibility and convenience for busy parents and health professionals alike.
  • The rust-proof construction of the mechanics and vital parts promises durability and extended use. The hooks made from stainless steel or high-grade galvanized steel further enhance this sturdiness.
  • The scale is splash-proof, shock-resistant, lightweight, and has a smooth surface for easy cleaning and disinfection, making it practical for daily use.
  • Complemented with comprehensive user instructions in English, French, and Spanish along with a pictogram instructions and maintenance and troubleshooting guide, the operation of this scale becomes simply straightforward.

The Mechanical Infant Scale is an ideal choice for those seeking fast, reliable, and accurate growth monitoring. It's easy to maintain with UV-resistant plastic parts, ensuring longevity even with rough handling and daily use. It's fitted with a user-friendly zero-adjustment mechanism for quick readings and a damping/stabilising function, adding to its overall usability.

Every purchase guarantees a minimum of 12 months warranty, with some products even offering 24 months warranty. This insurance gives you peace of mind that we stand behind the quality of our products.

Track Your Infant's Growth Precisely with our Mechanical Infant Scale

Purchase our Mechanical Infant Scale today and ensure the accurate tracking of your infant's growth. By choosing our scale, you're choosing reliability, precision, and easy operation. It's an essential tool for both health professionals and parents.

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