Powerful UPVC Sand Trap Pipe, BH, 150 ND - Best-in-Class Sand Trapping Solution for Boreholes

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UPVC Sand Trap Pipe, BH, 150 ND: High-Performance Sand Trapping Solution

This UPVC Sand Trap Pipe is a robust solution to sand filtration in boreholes. Its 150mm diameter and 1-meter length offer high utility. Its maximum installation depth is 90 meters, offering optimum sand trapping capabilities.

  • Includes bottom plug enhancing functionality.
  • Perfect fit for casing and screen pipes.
  • Features trapezoidal threads for a tight, flush joint.
  • Delivered in ISO 20-foot containers for secure and convenient transportation.
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Durable and Efficient UPVC Sand Trap Pipe, BH, 150 ND - A Robust Sand Trapping Solution for Boreholes

Presenting the Ultimate UPVC Sand Trap Pipe, a robust and efficient sand trapping solution, carefully designed considering the unique challenges boreholes present. It functions proficiently as an ultimate protection shield, preventing sand from reaching and affecting associated equipment and inner systems.

Product Overview and Special Features

This specialised pipe is designed with a nominal diameter of 150mm, making it suitable for multifarious applications. The pipe length is optimum at 1 metre, facilitating easy reach to borehole depths. This pipe stands above its counterparts due to its distinct features:

  • Constructed from U-PVC, ensuring durability and strength.
  • The flush joint and bottom plug enhance the pipe’s efficiency, providing secure connections.
  • It is engineered for compatibility with casing and screen pipes giving it a wide-use array.
  • Male/female trapezoidal threads in compliance with DIN 4925/8061 assures ease of installation and set up.
  • The pipe is designed for an impressive installation depth up to 90 meters.

Each pipe is packaged securely in ISO 20-foot containers, assuring undamaged delivery during transportation and safe handling upon arrival. In case of multiple diameters, pipes are smartly nested for cost effective and efficient shipping.

Additional Components and Directions for Use

If you foresee a need for additional components, the following items can be ordered separately: casing pipe (BH, UPVC, 150 ND, 2.9m long), screen pipe (BH, UPVC, 150 ND, 2.9m long), and a bottom plug for the sand trap. The sand trap pipe efficiently traps sand in boreholes and is placed below the screen pipes, equipped at the bottom with the bottom plug.

Product Specifications

  • Estimated product weight: 5 kg
  • Estimated product volume: 17.6 m3
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