Premium Quality Plastic Bags for Health Cards | Secure Card Storage Solution

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Quality Plastic Bags for Health Cards | Secure Storage Protection Solution

  • Convenient & Durable: Designed for safety, our Plastic Bags safeguard health cards from potential harm, providing easy transport.
  • Visible Shield: Offers clear protection against dirt and moisture.
  • Ideal Size: Sized at 160x220mm, open on one side, sealed on the other three.
  • Resilient Quality: Made from robust Polyethylene, 0.08mm (80microns) in thickness, to ensure enduring protection.
  • Bulk Supply: Each box contains 500 plastic bags to meet your needs.
  • Compatibility: Key component of the IEHK2017 base unit kit (S9901024).
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Premium Quality Protective Plastic Bags for Health Cards - The Pinnacle of Compact and Secure Storage Solutions

Reliability, durability and functionality are embodied in our Premium Quality Plastic Bags for Health Cards, designed to protect the integrity of vital documents. These robust plastic bags are stunners in their quality and effectiveness, offering an unbeatable shield for health cards against various forms of wear and tear. With these customizable plastic bags, you can enhance the efficiency of your healthcare procedures.

  • Transparent design ensures clear, effortless viewing of the card's content
  • Designed to open on one short side for easy access with solid seals on the remaining sides for maximum protection
  • Constructed from durable Polyethylene, promising unmatched strength and longevity

Bring peace of mind with the assurance that your health cards are safely tucked away. The perfect dimensions of 220mm x 160mm provide a snug grip ensuring that the health card doesn't fall off accidentally. The substantial thickness of 0.08mm (80 microns) offers a solid defense against accidental ripping or tearing.

  • A convenient box that contains 500 plastic sachets meeting large scale demands with minimum restocking

The IEHK2017 basic unit kit (S9901024) wouldn't be complete without our Plastic Bags for Health Cards. They play a pivotal role in myriad settings, satisfying both professional and personal usage requirements. Offering a top-notch storage solution without compromising on protection and usability.

Catering to your safety and convenience needs, our high-quality Plastic Bags for Health Cards promise dependable security for your health cards. Secure your peace of mind by safeguarding your vital cards today!

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