Recreation Kit-in-a-Carton 2016 | Comprehensive Sports & Learning Kit for 90 Kids

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Recreation Kit-in-a-Carton 2016 serves as a comprehensive set for boosting sports and academic learning activities catered for up to 90 kids. Key features of the kit include:

  • Sporting Equipment: Basketballs, Volleyballs, Skipping ropes, Inflating kits.
  • Educational Supplies: Exercise books, Pens, Chalk.
  • Durable Packaging: Secure cardboard box designed for hassle-free storage and transportation. Also available in a metal box variant.
  • Specifications: With measurements of 0.80L x 0.60W x 0.25m H and 28kg weight, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor application.
  • Product Lifespan: Offers approximately 1 year of shelf life.

All user manuals can be conveniently accessed online.

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Elevate the recreational activities of your school, sports academy, or any other institution catering to young minds with the 'Recreation Kit-in-a-Carton 2016 | Mega Sports and Learning Kit for 90 Kids'. This all-encompassing set, meticulously designed with 25 diverse components, encourages physical exercise, team spirit, and cognitive development among children. This easy to transport carton provides an excellent toolkit for sports coaches, educational instructors, and recreational leaders.

  • This comprehensive kit is designed to engage up to 90 children simultaneously in various sports and learning activities.
  • It includes a variety of sporting goods such as basketballs, volleyballs, jump ropes, and inflating kits to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle among students.
  • The kit also carries educational supplies like exercise books, pens, and chalk to support your institution's daily teaching needs.
  • The kit is neatly packed in a robust cardboard box, making it easy to store and transport.
  • The estimated shelf life of the components is 1 year, with the added convenience of ordering individual items for replenishment.
  • The 'Recreation Kit-in-a-Carton 2016' is approximately 28 kg in weight and measures approximately 0.80L x 0.60W x 0.25m H.

The kit is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it adaptable to your space and environmental conditions. For institutions with storage constraints, we also offer a compact version of the kit that accommodates up to 40 students and comes in a durable, metallic box. In case of any queries or trouble in setup, user manuals are readily available online. Embrace this game-changer and elevate your sports and teaching sessions by switching to the 'Recreation Kit-in-a-Carton 2016 | Mega Sports and Learning Kit for 90 Kids' today!

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