Rebaudioside M phyproof® Reference Substance - Premium Natural Sweetener

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Rebaudioside M phyproofu00ae Reference Substance (CAS Number: 1220616-44-3) is a premium-grade product utilized in several industries. This compound, also known as Kaur-16-en-18-oic acid, stands out due to its unique composition. Notable components include:

  • 13-[(O-u03b2-D-glucopyranosyl-(1u21922)-O-[u03b2-D-glucopyranosyl-(1u21923)]-u03b2-D-glucopyranosyl)oxy]-
  • O-u03b2-D-glucopyranosyl-(1u21922)-O-[u03b2-D-glucopyranosyl-(1u21923)]-u03b2-D-glucopyranosyl ester, (4u03b1)-
  • Rebaudioside X

Rebaudioside M Phyproofu00ae serves as a reliable reference substance for meticulous chemical analysis and research. Detailed information and related documents can be found by referencing product code PHL84146.

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Rebaudioside M phyproof® Reference Substance: The Premium, Natural, Calorie-free Sweetener

Rebaudioside M phyproof® Reference Substance is a reputable, calibrated solution that plays a crucial role in various food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications. Sourced from the stevia plant, it offers incredible sweetness without contributing a single calorie or carbohydrate, becoming a favored substitute for artificial sweeteners and sugar. Our Rebaudioside M phyproof® Reference Substance, with CAS Number 1220616-44-3, provides the exact taste profiles households and industries seek.

  • Unmatched Sweetness: Offering sweetness that is 300-400 times more intense than sucrose, Rebaudioside M lets manufacturers tolerance an optimal level of sweetness while reducing overall calorie content.
  • Zero Calories and Carbs: As a non-nutritive sweetener, Rebaudioside M delivers sweetness without introducing calories or carbohydrates into diets, making it an ideal pick for individuals monitoring their dietary intake.
  • High Stability: Rebaudioside M stays stable even under high temperatures, endorsing its commitment to a spectrum of food processing methods, from baking to cooking.
  • Superior Solubility: With excellent solubility in both water and oil, Rebaudioside M can be easily mixed into various food and beverage applications.
  • Dental Benefits: Rebaudioside M doesn't lead to tooth decay, distinguishing it as a healthier alternative to sugar for preserving oral health.
  • Various pH Tolerances: Rebaudioside M can bear a wide pH range, making it a golden choice for both acidic and alkaline food and beverage products.

In addition to its magnificent features, Rebaudioside M undergoes stringent quality control and production processes to ensure its purity, safety, and efficacy in various applications. To learn more about our Rebaudioside M phyproof® Reference Substance, we encourage you to access MSDS, related scientific papers, technical documents, and other similar products currently available. Experience the superior sweetness of natural stevia-derived Rebaudioside M today!

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