Groundbreaking Accuracy with the Iodine Measurement Kit - Premium Reagents for Unrivaled Precision

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Ensure precise iodine measurements with the Exceptional Precision Iodine Measurement Kit – Premium Reagents. The kit provides:

  • 100 Reaction Vials: Proprietary reagents yielding top-notch accuracy.
  • 20 Phosphoric Acid Vials: Triggers the reaction process.
  • 100 Single-Use 1ml Syringes: Allows exact measurement and application of reagents.
  • 100 21G Hypodermic Needles: Assists in efficient additive transfer.

This kit is ideal for 100 measurements, maintaining efficacy for 15 months under 30°C. Refer to the technical booklet for safe use and operation instructions.

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Explore the Height of Precision - Iodine Measurement Kit with Superior Reagents

Presenting a revolutionary product that combines the power of innovative technology with unparalleled reliability - our Iodine Measurement Kit with Premium Reagents. Designed to elevate accuracy in iodine analysis, this kit is an indispensible tool for both laboratory and field operations. Whether it's monitoring iodine content in various materials or conducting sophisticated research, our kit serves as the perfect ally to achieve superior results.

Unveiling the Cutting Edge Features of the Iodine Measurement Kit

  • Comprises 100 complete sets open for repeated usage, efficiently bolstering productivity.
  • Incorporates a paradigm-shifting reagent formula enhanced with phosphoric acid to ensure unrivaled precision in measurements.
  • Hosts a unique combination of starch and potassium iodide, dissolved in purified water, assures the absolute accuracy of iodine quantification.
  • Exhibits an impressive shelf-life of 15 months, ensuring reliability even for long-term measurement requirements.
  • Boasts an impressive acceptance against a maximum temperature limit of 30°C, making it a resilient partner in varied environmental conditions.

Experience a blend of innovative technology and intuitive design with our Iodine Measurement Kit. Developed to offer comprehensive insights into iodine measurements and ensure a seamless workflow, it embodies the perfect balance of advanced science and simplicity. For a more detailed understanding of technical aspects and product specifications, a technical booklet is provided with the kit.

Revolutionize the core of your research and operational methods with our top-of-the-line Iodine Measurement Kit, offering refined accuracy through premium reagents.

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