RUIF Infant Formula | Premium Nutritional Source for Holistic Infant Development

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Product: RUIF Infant Formula | Superior Nutrition for Infant Development

  • Purpose: Specifically designed for nutritional supplementation of infants aged 0-6 months.
  • Packaging: Packaged in a 200ml aseptic carton, ensures the preservation of nutrients and freshness.
  • Key Ingredients: Enriched with water, whey and milk powders, glucose, vegetable oil, lactose, lecithin, essential vitamins, and minerals.
  • Appearance: Creamy and off-white, free of any dark particles or visible separation indicating purity and quality.
  • Storage: Optimal when stored at 30u00b0C or below, away from direct sunlight. Consume within 24 hours of opening for best taste and quality.
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RUIF Infant Formula: Cultivating Holistic Baby Development

The RUIF Infant Formula leverages a robustly tailored scientific approach to infant nutrition, presenting a holistic solution for infants during their initial six months of growth. Meticulously formulated to parallel mothers' natural milk, this premium infant formula extends unwavering support to your baby's comprehensive growth when breastfeeding is not an accessible option.

Optimized Consistency Balanced Nutrition

With its rich, even-textured quality, the RUIF's formula persistently ensures an evenly spread nutrient intake, encouraging healthy dining habits from the earliest stages of life.

Loaded With Essential Nutrients

  • Water - Constitutes cells and aids in hydration
  • Wheat/Milk Powder - Acts as supreme protein and carbohydrate sources
  • Vegetable Oil - Supplies essential fatty acids crucial for growth and development
  • Glucose - A vital energy source to support the active growth phase
  • Maltodextrin - Serves as a refined fibre source to promote digestion
  • Lactose - Aids in improved calcium absorption, crucial for developing strong bones
  • Lecithin - Enhances cellular functionality and growth
  • L-taurine - Contributes to healthy cardiovascular system
  • L-carnitine - Substantially supports brain and cardiac health
  • Essential Minerals - Catapults bone strength and cellular functions
  • Vital Vitamins - Boosts immunity, supporting a healthy start in life

Commitment to World-Class Nutrition Standards

RUIF Infant Formula adheres to the rigorous Codex Standard for Infant Formulas and Formulas for Special Medicinal Purposes Intended for Infants (Codex Stan 72-1981), guaranteeing superior nutrition that you can trust.

Fresh and User-Friendly

The formula is accompanied by crisp feeding instructions that align with your baby’s age and stays fresh for 24 hours when refrigerated after opening, thus minimizing wastage.

Quality and Shelf Life Guaranteed

Housed in sterile 200 ml aseptic cartons, RUIF Infant Formula promises six servings per carton, amounting to 1.24 kg per package. Stored correctly at temperatures below 30°C, away from direct sunlight, the product ensures a freshness and potency lifespan of up to a year from the date of manufacture.

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