Versatile Multifunctional Drying Rack: Optimize Your Workspace Efficiency

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Enhance workspace efficiency with the ‘Versatile Multifunctional Drying Rack’. Perfect for labs and kitchens, it ensures longevity and functionality.

  • Extensive Usage: Suitable for air-drying or storing a variety of glass and plastic items.
  • Durable Structure: Constructed with corrosion-resistant, plastic-coated wires ensuring durability.
  • Space-saving Design: Can be set up stand-alone or wall-mounted, measure at 36x16x65cm (WxDxH).
  • User-friendly: Easy to maintain. Cleaning is simple, avoid using harsh chemicals excessively.

Revitalise your workspace with this unique, versatile drying rack and enjoy unparalleled convenience!

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Versatile Multifunctional Drying Rack: A Game Changer for Your Workspace

Meet the Versatile Multifunctional Drying Rack designed for both Glass & Plastic Ware - an emblem of utility and sophistication. Designed in alignment with top-notch international quality standards, it successfully amalgamates practicality, efficiency, and versatility. This superior workspace solution is crafted to transform your professional environment, raising it to unprecedented levels of effectiveness and organization.

First-Rate Flexibility

Ideal for a comprehensive range of plastic and glassware sizes, the design of this rack underlines its flexibility. This unbeatable air drying and storage solution not only satisfies your needs but also ensures safety for your prized utensils.

Robust Design and Superior Material

Scaled at 36x16x65 cm (W x D x H) and offering enormous storage space, this rack adjusts to diverse needs. Made from premium-grade plastic-coated wire, the rack promises unmatched durability and withstands wear and tear.

Effortless Installation

Designed for wall mounting, the setup process for this drying rack is straightforward. All necessary materials for mounting are included in the package.

Dynamic Strength, Lightweight

Despite a low weight of approximately 1 kg, this Multifunctional Drying Rack ensures robust strength and easy portability.

Impressive Capacity

With a capacity of around 17.3 dm3, this rack efficiently optimizes workspace whether used as a standalone or as part of a comprehensive wall-mounted system.

Boost Your Workspace Performance

A necessary tool for lab professionals and enthusiasts, this Drying Rack allows you to transform your workspace into a model of efficiency and order. Improve your storage capability while experiencing a secure and well-organized workspace.

The Versatile Multifunctional Drying Rack is the perfect choice for you to say farewell to cluttered setups and embrace a workspace that aids motivation and productivity.

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