High-Quality (R)-2-Amino-2,3-Dimethylbutanoic Acid for Sale

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Acquire our (R)-2-Amino-2,3-Dimethylbutanoic aka (R)-leucine, a premium organic compound with the CAS No. 1118-68-9 and formula C6H13NO2. Key Features:

  • CAS No.: 1118-68-9
  • Chemical Formula: C6H13NO2
  • Purity: ≥98%
  • Impurity: ≤2%

Common applications include pharmaceutical and peptide synthesis, protein engineering, cell culture media, and food & beverage industry. It is a white crystalline powder that is soluble in water. Packaged securely with detailed information and stringent quality control measures. Advisable to handle with care and proper safety equipment.

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High-Quality (R)-2-Amino-2,3-Dimethylbutanoic Acid

An exclusive offering of a high-grade (R)-2-amino-2,3-dimethylbutanoic acid that is compliant with all labeling regulations. Produced under stringent control, the product guarantees exceptional reliability and consistency for applications in diverse industries.

  • CAS No.: 1118-68-9
  • Chemical Formula: C6H13NO2
  • HS Code: 29224990
  • Purity: ≈98%
  • Impurity: ≈2%


The (R)-2-Amino-2,3-dimethylbutanoic Acid is packaged meticulously to prevent any damages in transit and is labeled with complete product information and safety instructions.


Its superior quality and purity make it ideal for use in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical research, biotechnology, and other verticals. Having undergone rigorous testing, it provides guaranteed performance.

Purchase this top-grade (R)-2-amino-2,3-dimethylbutanoic acid to experience its industrial benefits.

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