Solar Powered Submersible Pump: Advanced, Efficient, and Eco-friendly Water Solution

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Solar Powered Submersible Pump: Advanced and Efficient Water Solution – An innovative, eco-friendly choice for water extraction. Utilizes solar energy for a sustainable and dependable water supply.

  • High Capacity: Capable of pumping up to 9m3/day at 80m Total Manometric Head, providing consistent water supply.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Exclusively powered by solar energy, requires no supplementary power source.
  • Durable: Constructed with resilient inverter and submersible pump for longer lifespan.

Optimized for boreholes and wells, it offers an effective and sustainable solution to cater to your water supply demands.

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An Environmentally Friendly and Advanced Water Solution: The Solar Powered Submersible Pump

Presenting our cutting-edge Solar Powered Submersible Pump, distinctively designed for boreholes. This pump is not just a water supply system; it's a long-term, environmental, and self-sufficient solution to your water issues. With the ability to provide a substantial 9 cubic meters of water daily at an 80m Total Manometric Head, you can guarantee an uninterrupted and constant water supply, particularly in places suffering from unstable power supply.

Upgraded Solar Technology: Harnessing the Sun's Power for Your Water Needs

Our outstanding Solar Powered Submersible Pump seamlessly converts sunlight into an operational AC power supply, ensuring an uninterrupted water flow from boreholes or wells. Coupled with an accompanying submersible pump, the system effectively extracts water from substantial depths without compromising on its water retrieval abilities.

A Comprehensive Set for Your All-around Needs

This advanced Solar Powered Submersible Pump includes a comprehensive package, containing all necessary mechanical and electrical equipment for a hassle-free installation process. Future servicing and maintenance are made easy with the included toolkit and replacement parts provided to cover 2 years of maintenance. This ensures the product's durability and long lifespan.

Reliable Water Supply for All Terrains

Designed for off-grid and isolated areas experiencing unsteady power supply, the Solar Powered Submersible Pump is impervious to power inconsistencies. Given the abundance of sunlight in these regions, our product serves as the go-to solution for accessing water from a well or borehole in an eco-friendly manner.

Key features of the Solar Powered Submersible Pump include:

  • A self-sufficient system, generating solar-powered AC electricity.
  • Aided by a submersible pump for constant water extraction.
  • Comes with a complete kit of essential mechanical and electrical equipment for easy installation.
  • A toolkit and additional parts are provided, ensuring ease of maintenance for up to 2 years.

Secure Your Water Source Unfailingly and Efficiently

Our Solar Powered Submersible Pump ensures a robust and consistent water supply from a well or borehole, particularly in remote areas with abundant sunlight. This comprehensive system promises to meet all your water requirements reliably and efficiently.

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