Solar Powered Submersible Pump - Secure Off-Grid Water Supply

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Solar Powered Submersible Pump offers a sustainable and trustworthy water supply solution for off-grid areas. Its highlights include:

  • High Efficiency: Delivers up to 20 cubic meters of water per day with a Total Manometric Head of 25m.
  • All-Inclusive Package: Inverter and submersible pump included, along with essential electrical and mechanical setup components.
  • Packaging and Add-Ons: Secured in robust wooden boxes. Accessories encompass an installation and maintenance toolkit and two years’ worth of spare parts.
  • Optional Extra: Possibility to acquire a manual winch tripod for simplified construction and upkeep.
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Solar Powered Submersible Pump: Uninterrupted Water Supply for Off-Grid Areas

Solve the conundrum of dependable water supply in remote regions with our Solar Powered Submersible Pump. This product embodies an efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable solution, ideal for locales gifted with plentiful sunshine. It is engineered with an impressive capacity to deliver 20m3/day at 25m Total Manometric Head.

Top-Notch Features

  • An environmentally sustainable, high-functioning, solar-powered pumping system.
  • Our package includes an inverter and a premium-grade submersible pump designed to give optimal performance.
  • A complete ready-to-install product that comes with all necessary electrical and mechanical equipment, along with appropriate fittings.

What the Box Contains:

  • An all-inclusive tool kit easing your installation and maintenance process.
  • Supplementary parts that ensure over two years of service, keeping you well-prepared at all times.

Packaging Details:

The product is safely enveloped in strong wooden boxes or containers for delivery. The final weight and volume are determined by the number of modules and the riser pipes' length.

Accessories & Supplementary Parts:

Complement your setup with our optional tripod furnished with a manual winch. This enhances your well and pump's construction and maintenance efforts.

Usage Instructions:

This pump is your best bet for extracting water from boreholes or wells in power-deprived areas, making it an ideal choice for off-grid locations.


The exhibited price is a weighted average, therefore, the closing quote could possibly vary subject to specific installation requisites.

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