High-Capacity Diesel Centrifugal Pump | High-Flow, High-Performance Pumping Solutions

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Diesel Centrifugal Pump: High Flow Rate, Powerful Performance | High-Capacity Pumping Solutions

  • Exemplary diesel-engine performance powering a robust centrifugal pump, with an impressive discharge flow rate of 30 m³/hr
  • Efficient self-priming operational functionality at a speed of 2900 RPM; offering maximum suction lift of 5 meters
  • Constructed with highly durable cast iron for pump casing, coupled with a steadfast shaft and impeller
  • Built-in speed control governor and soundproof muffler ensuring quiet and efficient operation
  • Available options of recoil or electric starters, and your choice of dry or oil bath air filters
  • Sets come complete with all essentials: Suction and delivery hoses, stainless steel strainer, non-return valve, tool kit, oil container, and a spare parts kit

This powerful centrifugal pump is ideal for high-demand industrial and commercial applications – from irrigation to construction. Safely secured and shipped in a sturdy wooden box

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The Diesel Centrifugal Pump is your solution to high-performance, large capacity pumping. With the ability to deliver up to 30 cubic meters of water per hour under a Total Manometric Head of 20 meters, this pump is a force to be reckoned with. It's an ideal application for surface water pumping from shallow wells, rivers, or lakes.

Powered by an efficient diesel engine running at a robust 2900 RPM, this pump is not just powerful but also designed for convenience. It offers a self-priming feature to ensure an effortless start to your operations each time.

Key Features:

  • Max suction lift of 5 metres highlights the incredible power of the pump.
  • Offers flexibility with both trolley-mounted and skid-mounted options available.
  • Built for durability with a cast iron pump casing, shaft, and impeller.
  • Inlet and outlet diameters are optimally designed to maximize performance.
  • Includes a speed control governor and a soundproof muffler for smooth and quiet operations.
  • Offers customization with your choice of recoil or electric starter, and dry or oil bath air filters.


  • Package comes complete with suction and delivery hoses, a stainless steel strainer, and non-return valve.
  • A handy tool kit is included for convenient assembly, operation, and maintenance.
  • Also includes an oil container for the diesel engine, and a spare parts kit to support 2000 hours of operation.

With a weight of approximately 120 kg and taking up just 1.0 cubic meter of volume, the Diesel Centrifugal Pump comes packed in a secure wooden box for safe delivery. With this powerful machine, enable high-capacity pumping solutions for your every need.

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