Centrifugal Pump Diesel Driven | High-Performance Pump | Durable & Efficient

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Improve your water management with this diesel-driven Centrifugal Pump, offering a high-performance solution for numerous applications. Its significant features are:

  • Impressive Capacity:Swiftly pumps water at 10 cubic meters per hour at 20 meters TMH.
  • High Efficiency: Operates at a rapid speed of 2900 RPM.
  • Rugged Build: Cast iron components and a mechanical water seal enhance the product life.
  • Diesel Engine: An air-cooled, direct-injection engine offers sustained 2-3 hour operations.
  • Easy Start-up: The pump employs both recoil and electric starters.
  • Accessory Set: Comes with hoses, strainer, valve, toolkit, and spare parts.

Ideal for pumping surface water, refer to the user manual for set up and maintenance.

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Optimised to cater to a broad spectrum of pumping requirements, the Centrifugal Pump Diesel Driven reigns in high-performance pumping. Constructed with a core focus on longevity, efficiency, and superior performance, this pump exhibits a perfect blend of robust cast-iron components and supreme power from an unmatched diesel engine, pushing operational capabilities beyond all boundaries.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Efficient pumping performance backed by a Manometry Head of 20 metres and Capacity of 10 cubic metres per hour.
  • Maximized water flow realized through maximum suction lift of 5 metres fused with a self-priming feature.
  • Cast-iron constructed pump casing, impeller, and shaft, promise lasting durability.
  • Invested with a water seal on the shaft to prevent potential leakages.
  • High-performance, air-cooled, direct injection diesel engine optimizes the pump’s efficiency.
  • Equipped with a fuel tank with enough capacity to support 2-3 hours of continuous operation without needing constant refills.
  • Fitted with a speed control governor to maintain precision in operation.
  • Comes inclusive of suction hose, delivery hose, stainless steel strainer, non-return valve, and a tool kit for an effortless installation, operation, and maintenance process.
  • All components are securely packed in a robust wooden box ensuring safe transportation.


Elevate your pumping experience by harnessing the pump’s potential to effectively pump surface water from shallow wells, rivers, and lakes with a maximum suction lift of 5 metres. Test its limits, experience exceptional results, and relish in a superior pumping dimension.

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