Pseudo-Ginseng Pulverizer Ultrafine Grinder - High Quality & Efficiency Across Industries

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Pseudo-Ginseng Pulverizer Ultrafine Grinder WFJ Series

Presenting the high-quality, efficient Pseudo-Ginseng Pulverizer Ultrafine Grinder suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. This stellar performer utilizes advanced technology for uniform particle size and swift air separation. The high-speed rotating blade assures efficient shearing and grinding of materials.

  • Models:WFJ-15, WFJ-30, WFJ-60
  • Production capacity: Varies from 10-1200kg/h depending on model
  • Feed mesh size: <10mm for WFJ-15, <15mm for WFJ-30 and WFJ-60
  • Discharge granularity: 80-320 mesh for WFJ-15, WFJ-30, 80-300 mesh for WFJ-60
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The Pseudo-Ginseng Pulverizer Ultrafine Grinder is a powerful and dynamic machine engineered with state-of-the-art technology. This exemplary equipment is ideal for a spectrum of industries, inclusive of pharmaceutical, chemical, and food, providing an efficient solution for the conversion of materials into ultrafine particles. Geared with the latest innovation, this high-quality machine smoothly pulverizes materials enhancing their suitability for your defined applications.

Distinguished Features:

  • Integration of avant-garde technology for air separation, ensuring homogeneous particle size distribution for unrivaled consistency in the output.
  • Designed with a high-speed rotating blade that excels in effective shearing and crushing to yield optimally pulverized material.
  • All-round compatibility extending across different industries provides a wide scope of application in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food sectors for diverse operational needs.
  • Employs a proficient negative pressure air shipment method for efficient material transport during the grinding process.
  • Offered in three distinct models; WFJ-15, WFJ-30, and WFJ-60, catering to diverse industrial requirements based on production capacity, power, and size.

Specified Product Details:

Model Production Capacity (kg/h) Feed Mesh Size (mm) Discharging Granularity (mesh) Total Power (kw) Speed (rpm) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
WFJ-15 10-200 <10 80-320 13.5 ~6000 4200 x 1200 x 2700 850
WFJ-30 30-800 <15 80-320 46 ~3800 6640 x 1300 x 3960 1500
WFJ-60 50-1200 <15 80-300 84.15 ~2800 7500 x 2300 x 4530 3200

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