Protoporphyrin: High-Quality Pharmaceutical-Grade Compound

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  • High-quality pharmaceutical-grade compound: Protoporphyrin is widely used in research laboratories, biomedical research, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Vibrant red color: Protoporphyrin’s captivating red color makes it highly valuable for fluorescence or spectroscopic studies.
  • Critical biological role: It plays a crucial role in oxygen transport and electron transfer.
  • Wide-ranging applications: Protoporphyrin finds important applications in the treatment of cancers, neurological disorders, antimicrobial therapy, photodynamic therapy, and material science.
  • Reputable sourcing: Protoporphyrin is sourced from reputable manufacturers to guarantee quality.
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Protoporphyrin: High-Quality Pharmaceutical-Grade Compound

Protoporphyrin is a versatile crystalline compound with a wide range of applications in medicine and various industries. With its exceptional stability and pharmaceutical-grade quality, Protoporphyrin, designated with CAS No. 553-12-8 and a molecular formula of C34H34N4O4, plays a crucial role in the pharmaceutical sector.

Key Features of Protoporphyrin

  • Compound Name: Protoporphyrin
  • Synonyms: NA
  • IUPAC Name: NA
  • CAS Number: 553-12-8
  • Molecular Formula: C34H34N4O4
  • Molecular Weight: NA
  • Canonical SMILES: NA
  • InChI Strings: NA
  • Usage: Widely used in various applications in the pharmaceutical and other industries.

Pharmaceutical Quality and Applications

Protoporphyrin is produced under stringent quality guidelines to ensure its suitability for use in the most sensitive manufacturing processes. This makes it a trusted choice for industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and research.

As a pharmaceutical-grade compound, Protoporphyrin offers exceptional reliability, enabling manufacturers to produce high-quality products consistently.

Product Specifications and Specialized Information

Molecular Structure:

Molecular Structure of Protoporphyrin

For specific technical details such as boiling point, melting point, flash point, density, solubility, vapor pressure, and more, please contact us for further assistance.

High-Quality Source of Protoporphyrin

Our Protoporphyrin is meticulously manufactured to provide optimal stability, making it an ideal choice for various pharmaceutical and industrial applications. We prioritize quality control measures to ensure consistent and reliable performance.

Note: It is recommended to consult with professionals or experts for specific uses or applications, storage recommendations, or disposal methods for Protoporphyrin.

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