Child Nasal Oxygen Prongs - Quality Precision for Medical Oxygen Delivery

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Presenting high-quality, single-use Child Nasal Oxygen Prongs designed for optimal oxygen delivery. Focusing on comfort and security, the prongs major features include:

  • Twin Nasal Prongs: Equitable oxygen distribution
  • Smooth Tip Adjustments: Promoting comfort during use
  • Star Lumen Main Tube: Reduced blockage risk
  • Adaptable Over-The-Ear Tubing: Ensuring secure attachment
  • Soft Funnel-Shaped Connector: Simplifying oxygen source connection

Manufactured from flexible, kink-resistant PVC and complying with Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and ISO 13485:2003, these prongs are ideal for successful oxygen delivery. Each unit is separately packaged for ensured cleanliness and safety, weighing approximately 0.091kg with a tube length of +/- 2m.

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Child Nasal Oxygen Prongs - Accurate Oxygen Delivery

Introducing our top-tier, Child Nasal Oxygen Prongs. Engineered with care, they facilitate effective oxygen delivery via nostril prongs. Unquestionable quality and precision performance unite in this essential medical tool ideal for any health institution.

Features and Benefits:

  • Equalized Oxygen Delivery: The binasal prONG design guarantees a symmetrical distribution of oxygen.
  • User Comfort: Comprising skin-friendly and adaptable nasal points assuring a seamless, comfortable experience.
  • Continuous Airflow: Our unique star lumen tube design eliminates concerns over occlusions.
  • Straightforward Fitting: Quick adjustable over-the-ear tubes allow undemanding application.
  • Convenient Connectivity: Soft, funnel-shaped connectors accommodate the oxygen source, further simplifying the usability.
  • Superior Safety: Established as a single-use and non-sterile product, it radically lessens chances of cross-contamination.

Our Child Nasal Oxygen Prongs are custom-fit for children, linked with a 2m long, PVC tube resistant to kinks, promising durable and dependable use.

Packaging Specifications:

Each unit is packed independently in a plastic wrapper with an additional protective layer. With a weight of approximately 0.091 kg and volume of 0.53 cdm, it ensures a hassle-free storage and portability upgrade.

Using Procedure:

Insert the prongs into the nostrils, secure on the cheeks with tape, and adjust the over-the-ear tubes accordingly. Leave the oxygen flow rate at 1-2 l/min, and skip humidification. After use, incinerate in a controlled environment.

Regulatory Compliance:

The Child Nasal Oxygen Prongs carry a CE Mark, in adherence to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. It demonstrates compliance to the ISO 13485:2003 standard for quality assurance in medical device production.

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