Motorola GP338 VHF & UHF Radios Programming Kit - Comprehensive Radio Solution

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Product: Motorola GP338 VHF & UHF Radios Programming Kit is a comprehensive package equipped for straightforward radio programming. It includes a specific software CD-ROM, a user-friendly interface cable, and key peripherals for efficient functionality. (Features:)

  • Software CD-ROM for targeted programming
  • Seamless single interface cable connection
  • Inclusive of: Manual, CPS (ENLN4073), Programming test cable (MDJMKN4123), Interface box (RLN4008), Power supply unit (EPN4041), PC 9-pin cable (3080369B72)
  • Operation: Simple software installation on PC, and radio connection for channel, frequency, and ID programming
  • Significant parameters: Weight is 1.5kg, dimensions being 35 x 30 x 10cm, and requisite operating frequencies
  • Customer Support: Readily available for queries
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The Motorola GP338 VHF and UHF Radios Programming Kit signifies a new standard in efficient and effortless radio programming. This comprehensive solution allows seamless programming of Motorola VHF and UHF radios, making it an essential tool for both individual use and large-scale operations. The lightweight kit, weighing just 1.5 Kgs, and compact manual dimensions of 35 x 30 x 10 cm make the setup a breeze.

The kit features:

  • Service Versatility: This kit is designed to handle single unit as well as fleet programming of Motorola VHF and UHF radios, ensuring you have all your communication requirements covered.
  • Software: The included CD-ROM comes equipped with instructions and Customer Programming Software (CPS) designed specifically for GP-series radio programming.
  • Included Accessories: The kit contains a MDJMKN4123 programming test cable which perfectly fits GP-344/388 radios, a Radio Interface Box (RIB) acting as a conduit for data transmission, an EPN4041 power supply unit for the RIB, and a 3080369B72 RIB-to-PC cable for a smooth connection.

Programming your radio with desired channels, frequencies, and IDs is made easy with the detailed instructions provided in the CD-ROM. Upon purchasing this kit, ensure you've got your operating frequencies at the ready. Our customer support is always ready to assist with technical support or any general queries.

The Motorola GP338 VHF and UHF Radios Programming Kit truly provides a versatile, comprehensive solution to cater to all your radio programming needs. Investing in this kit means investing in hassle-free and efficient communication systems.

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