High Purity Potassium Bisulfate (99.99% Trace Metals) for Industry and Research

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Potassium Bisulfate 99.99+ Trace Metals 7646-93-7

  • Chemical Name: Potassium Hydrogen Sulfate
  • CAS Number: 7646-93-7
  • Purity: 99.99% (trace metals basis), ensuring maximum effectiveness
  • Quality: Exceptional high-grade production guaranteeing consistent reliability
  • Uses: Widely utilized in industry and research due to its versatile properties

Our trusted platform offers this premium grade Potassium Bisulfate and countless other chemicals and reagents, carefully sourced from top suppliers, ensuring the finest quality.

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Potassium Bisulfate 99.99% Trace Metals Basis

If you're searching for Potassium Bisulfate with highest level of purity, then your hunt ends here. We are offering Potassium Bisulfate at a purity of 99.99%, trace metals basis. This compound, also known as Potassium Hydrogen Sulfate (CAS Number 7646-93-7), is a crystalline white powder known for its robust sulfuric odor. It finds widespread use across diverse industries owing to its unique attributes and versatile nature.

  • Applications of Potassium Bisulfate

    • Food Industry: Regulating acidity and acting as a preservative in food and beverage production.
    • Chemical Industry: Serving as a vital reactant in chemical synthesis and enhancing production of various chemical products.
    • Water Treatment: Useful in adjusting pH levels, removing heavy metals and purifying water.
    • Agriculture: Essential in manufacturing fertilizers and soil amendments for aiding plant growth.
    • Electroplating: Crucial for enhancing adherence and durability of metal coatings in the electroplating process.
    • Laboratory Research: A vital analytical reagent for multiple laboratory experiments and research.
  • Attributes of Potassium Bisulfate

    • Acidity: Exhibits strong acidity, efficiently lowering pH levels.
    • Stability: Shows great stability under common conditions, suited for long-term storage.
    • Solubility: Highly soluble in water, facilitating easy blend into aqueous solutions.
    • Compatibility: Can be used alongside various substances due to good compatibility.
    • Reactivity: Reacts with a range of reagents to form new compounds, making it ideal for chemical reactions.

    Whether you're purchasing for food production, water treatment, agriculture, or lab research, our high purity Potassium Bisulfate delivers consistent, reliable performance. Give your operation the benefit of top-quality chemicals by buying from a leading supplier.

  • Product Details

  • CAS Number: 7646-93-7

    Compound Name: Potassium Bisulfate / Potassium Hydrogen Sulfate

    Purity: ≥99.99%, trace metals basis

    Supplier Code: 401544

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