Set of 3 Arabic Learning Posters: Durable, Inclusive with Braille Embossing for Interactive Learning

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Boost your Arabic language teaching capabilities with this ‘Set of 3 Durable Arabic Learning Posters – Inclusive with Braille Embossing’. Expertly designed for multi-sensory teaching, it covers the Arabic alphabet, digits (0-100), and multiplication tables. Manufactured from Akyplen litestop, a weather-resistant, 250gsm premium plastic fabric, these posters offer optimum durability and chemical resistance. The interactive, easy-to-clean surface supports learning through writing, and the UV varnish ensures extended print life. Each standard-sized poster measures 50x70cm.

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Set of 3 Arabic Learning Posters - Durable and Inclusive with Braille Embossing

Immerse into an enriching and comprehensive cultural learning with our Set of 3 Arabic Learning Posters with Braille Embossing designed to foster an inclusive educational environment. Tailor-made for versatility, our posters cover an array of learning needs, providing an accessible, high-quality, and resilient teaching tool vital to any Arabic education curriculum.

Key Features

  • Durable Material: Crafted from Akyplen Litestop, a 250gsm plastic fabric characterized by high-endurance qualities, our posters are tear-resistant, water-resistant, and stain-resistant. Their resilience makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Reusability: Each poster features a varnished surface compatible with non-permanent markers, enabling interactive learning sessions and facilitating effortless cleanup afterwards.
  • Embossed Braille: Champion inclusivity with every Arabic letter and number symbol embossed with its Braille equivalent, creating an inclusive learning model for visually impaired students.
  • Prolonged Quality: The dual-sided matte UV varnish ensures sustained print and image quality, prolonging the life of these educational resources.
  • User-Friendly: Each poster measures a learner-friendly size of 50x70cm, perfect for readability and capturing attention, and comes with a protective shield against dust and dampness. Bright, bold and easy to handle, these posters make learning and teaching effortless.

Maximizing Learning Outcomes with Our Arabic Learning Posters

Our comprehensive set of posters cover key learning areas essential to Arabic education - an Alphabetical chart, Numeric Chart from 0-100 and Time Table. These multifaceted learning tools open up a range of teaching possibilities, from basic language introduction to complex alphabetical and numerical command, thus fostering a deeper cultural understanding.

Our set of Arabic learning posters form an integral part of an Arabic Teacher’s Kit, designed to optimize teaching efficiency and nurture a love for learning. They function to create an engaging, interactive, and dynamic learning environment for learners regardless of their linguistic backgrounds or abilities.

Not merely a teaching aid, but an essential learning resource, our Set of 3 Arabic Learning Posters with Braille Embossing, equip teachers and educators with a robust tool to cater to diverse learning needs while focusing on inclusive education. Invest in a teaching tool that promises longevity and unmatched utility to deliver an unparalleled learning experience.

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