Portable Solar Charger - 62W: Your Compact, Efficient & Sustainable Power Source On-the-Go

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  • Portable Solar Charger – 62W: Compact, sustainable energy solution for a variety of charging needs.
  • Weather-resistant and multi-fold design: Ensures durability and ease in transportation, making it an ideal off-grid power source.
  • Dimensions: Unfolded – 1333x762x2.5mm, Folded – 368x216x36mm.
  • Power Output: Operates at 20VDC with a 3.1A rated current, providing potent, eco-friendly energy supply.
  • Easy to use: Requires minimum maintenance, empowering your journey towards sustainability.

Consider the Solstar T-55 for a 55W portable solar panel alternative.

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Embark on your adventurous trips, emergency situations, or outdoor activities with our innovative Portable Solar Charger - 62W. Highly efficient and robust, this charger combines sustainability and power-charging capabilities to fulfill your energy needs wherever you are.

This impressive solar charger weighs a scant 1.7kg and boasts a durable, weather-proof design that ensures long-lasting usability. Despite its robust construction, it retains a compact size both when unfolded (1333x762x2.5mm) and folded (368x216x36mm), making it a portable and practical energy solution.

  • Delivers a plentiful 62W power output.
  • Operates at an effective 20VDC voltage and a nominal 3.1A current, optimizing power supply.
  • Sporting a stylish black finish, it is built to endure harsh conditions while keeping an elegant look.
  • Equipped with adaptable cables for a broad range of devices, enhancing versatility.
  • Maintains compact design for ease of transport and storage, making it a travel-friendly energy source.

The Portable Solar Charger - 62W is not only a wonder in providing power in various application areas, but also a valuable asset towards conserving the environment. It serves as an exceptional power source while contributing to environmental sustainability, ensuring all onboard charging needs are proficiently handled.

To maintain optimal performance, harmless cleaning with water and a soft brush is recommended. The device comes securely packed in a cardboard box, and a 55W Solstar T-55 alternative is also available for those who require less power.

Immerse into the future of eco-friendly energy solutions with our portable solar charger! It's a compact, efficient choice that supports your energy requirements while maintaining your carbon footprint in check.

NOTE: Exercise caution when connecting devices with no input voltage regulation to avoid misuse.

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