Portable Photometer for Accurate Iron Detection in Food Products - Advanced and Reliable

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Portable Photometer for Accurate Iron Detection in Food Products

Presenting the Portable Photometer, a vital tool for iron content tracking in your food products. Enabled with sophisticated LED and LCD technology, it ensures astounding accuracy. A hassle-free device, requires no calibration. Its robust construction ensures a lifetime of approximately 30,000 hours. Fitted with USB functionality for swift data transfer, this versatile tool is highly portable, making it a seamless fit for POC usage.

  • Advanced LED & LCD technology: Provides pinpoint iron assessment.
  • User calibration isn’t needed: Effortless, out-of-the-box employment.
  • Exceptional durability: Expected to last for over 30,000 hours.
  • Highly portable: Perfect for point-of care service and on-the-go application.
  • USB Functionality: Rapid data transmission for fast, efficient analysis.
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The Portable Photometer for Accurate Iron Detection in Food Products is an exceptional, scientifically advanced device designed to identify and quantify the levels of ferrous and ferric iron in an extensive range of food products. An ideal companion is designed with advanced LED technology and features an intuitive LCD display, offering unparalleled precision in iron detection.

With user-friendly design and innovative technology, the device comes pre-calibrated, ensuring trouble-free operation. A lifespan of 30,000 hours or 10 million measurements guarantees longevity and reliable use. Notably, its portability makes it ideal for point-of-care usage.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with a pre-installed photometric analysis method for efficient detection of iron levels.
  • Universal design suitable for a variety of food types such as beverages, vitamin premixes, flour, soy and fish sauce, and solid foods.
  • Requires a minimal sample volume of 0.4mL, providing an efficient and practical solution.
  • Designed to function optimally at temperatures between 20-30°C.
  • Comes with USB capability for effortless data transfer.
  • The method used has been validated against AAS, providing enhanced reliability.

This comprehensive package includes everything needed for effective operation:

  • Portable Photometer device
  • Set of 4 rechargeable AA batteries
  • Charger for AA batteries
  • USB cable for PC data transfer
  • Digital scale & calibration weight
  • Iron standard for calibration control
  • Vial stand
  • User manual and software transfer on USB

For unparalleled performance, the device should be stored in dry conditions at room temperature. To ensure accurate results, it is important for the device and vials to maintain a temperature between 20-30°C during measurements. For detailed instructions, please refer to the user manual provided.

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