Advanced Portable Water Testing Kit with Double Incubator: Premier Solution for Water Quality Analysis

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Upgrade your water quality analysis with the Advanced Portable Water Testing Kit with Double Incubator, essential for numerous industries. This dynamic tool is crucial for water treatment plants, pharmaceutical companies, and the food and beverage industry.

  • Efficiency: Capable of executing 200-250 thorough tests
  • Kit Content: Double incubator, photometer, digital meters, electrodes, and reagents
  • Durability: Sturdy, waterproof, and highly portable casing
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Advanced Portable Water Testing Kit with Double Incubator: A Comprehensive Solution for High Standards of Water Quality Analysis

Embrace the convenience, precision, and efficiency afforded by the Advanced Portable Water Testing Kit with Double Incubator, designed for seamless fieldwork and laboratory research. Our sophisticated water testing kit consolidates microbiological and physicochemical testing capabilities into a single, compact device, setting new standards for water quality analysis.

Exceptional Edge with Cutting-edge Features

  • Dual Incubator: Augments both Total and Faecal Coliform testing concurrently, optimizing procedures and ensuring supremely accurate results.
  • Digital Turbidity Meter: Accurately quantifies water clarity, a significant aspect in comprehensive water quality analysis.
  • Conductivity/TDS Meter: Automates temperature compensation and measures total dissolved solids, a key indicator of water purity.
  • Advanced Photometer: Equipped with over 80 pre-loaded test calibrations, guaranteeing precise analysis thereby making water testing effortless.
  • Portability: With its lightweight, waterproof, and robust casing, this kit is ideal for on-location testing and versatile fieldwork.

All-inclusive Testing Package

Accompanied by 200 microbiological test consumables, electrodes/sensors, buffer, calibration solutions, and standards for an in-depth testing setup. It provides for 200 tests each for prevalent water contaminants like Chlorine, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Ammonia using the included reagents.

Presented in a sturdy, water-resistant case, the Advanced Portable Water Testing Kit with Double Incubator encapsulates functionality with convenience. Apt for every water-related fieldwork and laboratory use, the kit provides comprehensive operating instructions and water quality report sheets to make the process entirely simple. Assuring that the safety and purity of your water is an unerring guarantee.

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