High-Precision PoC CD4 Printer Paper I - 1000 Tests: Unmatched Accuracy and Dependability for CD4 Testing

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High-Precision PoC CD4 Printer Paper I – 1000 Tests

Ensure accurate CD4 testing with our high-precision thermal printer paper. Designed for clarity and precision, it is ideal for CD4 healthcare testing applications.

  • Size: 56mm width, with a 60um thickness, perfect for thermal printers.
  • Quantity: Sold in packs of 10 rolls, yielding 1000 test results.
  • Durability: Offers print clarity that can last up to 5 years.
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Detailed Overview: High-Precision PoC CD4 Printer Paper I - 1000 Tests

Efficient and Accurate Testing

The High-Precision PoC CD4 Printer Paper I has been specially designed to deliver superior precision, accuracy, and dependability for your CD4 testing needs. Suitable for use in diverse testing environments, this product brings reliability and consistency to the forefront of healthcare immunological testing.

Exceptional Features

  • Designed exclusively for thermal printing, with a width of 56mm and a thickness of 60um, ensuring clear, readable results.
  • Offers cost-effectivity, with up to 100 tests per roll, ensuring flawless results every time.
  • Delivers dependable CD4 testing results across varying environments, providing exceptional versatility.
  • Ensures long-term stability of record-keeping, with print reports that are valid for over five years given appropriate storage.

Storage and Packaging

This product requires storage in a dry, temperature-regulated environment ranging between 10-40 degrees Celsius. Avoid any exposure to sunlight or freezing temperatures to maintain its efficiency.

  • Primary packaging includes a unit of PoC CD4 along with a printer paper roll for recording up to 100 test results.
  • The secondary packaging offers a kit with ten unit presentations, enabling a total of up to 1000 tests.

Designed for Lab Integration

With its featherweight design of just 0.400kg, this printer paper blends seamlessly into your lab infrastructure. Its compact build enhances handling, thus upgrading your lab's testing capabilities.

The High-Precision PoC CD4 Printer Paper I - 1000 Tests product is an embodiment of precision, affordability, and reliability, making it an indispensable choice for healthcare facilities that value accurate and trustworthy CD4 testing.

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