Portable and Efficient CD4 Counter with Printer - Revolutionising Point-of-Care HIV/AIDS Patient Management

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Compact and Efficient Point-of-Care CD4 Counter with Printer promises swift and reliable patient management. Principal features include:

  • Swift Diagnostics: Delivers accurate results within mere seconds, ensuring prompt patient care.
  • Robust Data Storage: With capacity for 1000 test outcomes, suitable for use in remote settings.
  • All-encompassing Asset: Supplied with thermal paper rolls and USB cable. A comprehensive, multilingual guidebook is included for ease of use.
  • Durable Storage & Transportation: Optimal performance is ensured by maintaining conditions within 10-40°C, protecting against sunlight and humidity.
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Transform Patient Management with The Compact and Efficient Point-of-Care CD4 Counter with Printer

Introducing our highly efficient, portable CD4 counter with a printer, engineered to bring about a revolution in point-of-care diagnostics. This robust device sets new standards in patient management, providing swift and accurate CD4 counts that are crucial for treating and monitoring HIV/AIDS patients.

Key Attributes:

  • Delivers precise CD4 counts in no time, proving pivotal for patients' effective management, especially in HIV/AIDS treatments.
  • Compact and lightweight design weighing only 350g (including paper roll) makes it the ideal portable companion, for doorstep diagnostics journey.
  • Equipped with a high-resolution thermal printing head for crystal clear and easily understandable printouts for each test conducted.
  • Able to store data from approximately 1000 past tests to keep an accurate record, preventing errors and assisting future course of treatments.
  • A speedy print time of just 5 seconds per test ensures efficient time management for healthcare professionals.
  • Visual clarity is supported by a user-friendly monochrome display for easy interpretation of test results.

Package Contains:

  • USB cable for efficient data transfer and connectivity.
  • Thermal paper roll for accurate, clear, and immediate printouts at the point-of-care.
  • A comprehensive, multilingual instruction manual to ensure a seamless device operation.

Storage and Preservation:

Store the device in a shaded spot with temperatures ranging from 10-40 degrees Celsius. Ensure protection from direct sunlight, humid conditions and freezing temperatures for maintaining peak functionality.

Compliance and Quality Assurance:

Our CD4 Counter with Printer abides by international regulatory standards and complies with stringent medical device regulations, indicative of our strong commitment towards safety and reliability.

Portability and User Comfort:

With a weight of approximately 0.54 kg and a total volume of just 2.0 cdm, our CD4 counter accentuates portability and simplistic storage characteristics. The Point-of-Care CD4 Counter with Printer is designed to deliver rapid and efficient patient management at any given location and time.

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