PoC CD4 [abs] Connectivity Pack 1 - The Frontier of Healthcare Innovation

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Product Name: PoC CD4 [abs] Connectivity Pack 1 – Raising Healthcare Standard

  • Exclusive Compatibility: Uniquely engineered for PoC CD4 Counters, delivering enhanced utility.
  • Real-time Data Management: Real-time data interpretation and delivery with a 3G SIM card and USB modem included.
  • Exceptional Network Compatibility: Effortlessly connects with GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900 MHz, and 1800 MHz networks.
  • Energy Conscious: Superior energy efficiency, operating at a mere 0.5W power consumption.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Comes with all necessary add-ons including a USB driver software, connector cable, and easy-to-read, multi-lingual instructions.
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PoC CD4 [abs] Connectivity Pack 1: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare

The PoC CD4 [abs] Connectivity Pack 1 revolutionizes healthcare standards, embedding innovation into everyday patient care. This trailblazing tool meets the modern healthcare need for accurate and immediate patient data delivery, facilitating healthcare professionals to make decisive judgments swiftly and respectfully.

Singular Attributes:

  • Remarkable Connectivity: Equipped with a 3G sim card and a USB modem, the pack safeguards continuous data transmission of vital patient outcomes, augmenting diagnostic accuracy.
  • Simple Operation: Its innovative plug and play design expels arduous setup procedures, making it user-friendly and accessible.
  • Exceptional Transparency: A built-in LED status indicator promotes fluid operation and enhances user experience.
  • Extensive Compatibility: Can accommodate a broad spectrum of networks - GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900MHz and 1800 MHz, increasings its range and functionality.
  • Energy Conservation: Using approximately 0.5 watts of power, it encourages energy and cost efficiency, conducive to maintaining environmental imperatives.
  • All-Inclusive Set: The pack also includes a USB driver software, a USB connection cable, and a detailed user guide in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French - all tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Upholding international medical instruments quality systems, it presents top-notch and reliable service quality.

The compact design underscores its portability and storability. With a measly weight of 0.4 kg and volume of 2.0 cdm, it is extraordinarily manageable. For optimal functionality, it is advised to store it within a temperature range of 10° to 40° Celsius, away from direct sunlight and humidity. Take a leap into the future of healthcare with PoC CD4 [abs] Connectivity Pack 1.

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