Premium Precision PoC CD4 [abs] Cartridge Kit: Accurate CD4 Count for Labs & Clinics

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The Premium Precision PoC CD4 [abs] Cartridge Kit is your reliable solution for accurate CD4 counts in both lab and clinical environments. This kit includes:

  • 100 Single-use, barcoded cartridges for streamlined operations.
  • Quality assurance ensured by our unique aluminum pouch packaging.
  • Extensive Usability: Multilingual instructions for global reach.
  • Effectiveness: Utilizes a closed system design to eliminate contamination risks.

Specially designed for point-of-care testing, the kit’s robust quality and user-friendliness inspire confidence. Note: For best results, cartridges must be stored at 2-30°C.

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Premium Precision PoC CD4 [abs] Cartridge Kit | Accurate CD4 Count for Lab & Clinical Use

The Premium Precision PoC CD4 [abs] Cartridge Kit is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool designed to provide advanced CD4 counting in a variety of clinical and lab settings. Enhance your diagnostic capabilities with this exceptional device, renowned for its consistent and unchallenged precision.

Key Features

  • Engineered for compatibility with S0001224 and S0001242 PoC CD4 [abs] counters.
  • Features utilisation of contemporary diagnostic technologies in its operation.
  • Comes supplied with 100 single-use, highly efficient test cartridges for safe CD4 counting.
  • Each cartridge requires a minimal blood sample of 25 µl to function.
  • Unique barcodes on each cartridge facilitate straightforward, real-time tracking.
  • Determinable expiry date printed on each cartridge for assured operational integrity.
  • Includes a comprehensive, multi-lingual instructions manual provided in English, French, and Spanish.
  • Optimized for a shelf-life of 8 - 12 months post-delivery.
  • Storage requires temperature range of 2°C - 30°C, away from direct sunlight or freezing conditions.

Safety and Compliance

The Premium Precision PoC CD4 [abs] Cartridge Kit guarantees high-level safety by adhering to stringent Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR). It is lightweight and comes in a manageable volume, ensuring easy storage and transport.

Transform Your Healthcare Processes

Embrace the unrivaled efficacy of the Premium Precision PoC CD4 [abs] Cartridge Kit to revolutionize your healthcare operations. Equipped with this groundbreaking device, get ready to elevate your CD4 counting process to unmatched heights of accuracy and reliability.

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