Alere PoC CD4 [abs] Annual Extended Warranty: Full Year Protection for Your Medical Devices

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Maintain the durability and efficiency of your Alere CD4 analyzer with the Alere PoC CD4 [abs] Annual Extended Warranty. This one-year warranty guarantees reliable performance and uninterrupted delivery of care through its features:

  • Performance Assurance: A year-long coverage enhancing your medical device’s longevity.
  • Service Continuity: Complimentary repairs or replacements assuring operational smoothness.
  • Access to Updates: Inclusion of latest software updates and vital upgrades.
  • Shipping Expenses: Return and retrieval shipping costs are client responsibilities.

It doesn’t include chemical formula or CAS number since it is an annual warranty plan and not a chemical compound

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Alere PoC CD4 [abs] Annual Extended Warranty: Secure Protection for Your Essential Medical Devices

Ensure the longevity of your critical healthcare equipment with our Alere PoC CD4 [abs] Annual Extended Warranty. Crafted to provide maximum protection for your prized Alere devices throughout the year, this comprehensive solution gives you the confidence to concentrate solely on delivering superior patient care.

Key Features of Alere PoC CD4 [abs] Annual Extended Warranty

  • Impressive return on investment with extensive one-year coverage at a cost of just USD 1,000.
  • Covering both your existing Alere devices and new installations, ensuring absolute protection.
  • Prompt repair or replacement service eliminates disruptions and saves you from unexpected expenditures.
  • Authorized replacement of devices from Alere in case of irreparable damage.
  • Loaner units available during the repair process, enabling you to continue delivering essential healthcare services.
  • No extra cost for device or software updates included as part of the warranty.
  • Warranty remains valid after relocating your Alere devices within the purchasing country.

Your Agreement to Our Warranty Policy Terms and Conditions

Customers are expected to send their defective units to us for repair. We will send back the fixed equipment promptly and expect the speedy return of loaner units to our designated industry service points. Prior notification is needed for device relocation to a different country to avoid forfeiture of the warranty.

Engage with Us for Detailed Information

Contact us today for a thorough understanding of our Alere PoC CD4 [abs] Annual Extended Warranty plan. Our dedicated support team stands by 24/7 to assist you, regardless of your geographic location or time zone.

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