Premium Logo-Free Synthetic Sleeping Mat – Lightweight, Durable & Comfortable | Quality Outdoor Bedding Solution

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Product Description:

Premium, logo-free Synthetic Sleeping Mat designed for exceptional comfort and durability. Compact and lightweight design, perfect for camping.

Key Features:

  • Packaging: Securely sold in protective bales of 25.
  • Material: Constructed from pure, unadulterated polypropylene to ensure robustness and relaxing comfort.
  • Quality: Surpasses ISO13938 standards, boasting an impressive bursting strength of over 700kPa.
  • Weight and Size: Feather-like design measuring 1.8m x 0.9m and weighing only 450g/m2.
  • Comfort: Over 1000 weft tubes per meter length incorporated for elevated comfort.
  • Design Attributes: Neatly crafted edges with choice of colors.
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Premium Logo-Free Synthetic Sleeping Mat – Lightweight, Durable & Comfortable

Experience superior comfort and exceptional quality with our Premium Logo-Free Synthetic Sleeping Mat. Designed with a keen focus on durability, portability, and ultimate relaxation, our mat is an essential accessory for every outdoor adventure or event that demands a cozy temporary bedding solution.

Engineered from high-grade, virgin polypropylene (PP), the mat ensures a pleasant, cushioned resting surface all while being impressively lightweight and easy to handle. This mat is not just for comfort but a commitment to quality and functionality.

  • High-Standard Material and Robust Construction: Each mat incorporates warp multifilament yarn and weft hollow tubes exclusively made from virgin polypropylene. Known for their durability and resilience, our mats maintain their shape under harsh conditions and offer a high bursting strength that excels ISO13938 standards. This equates to durability, promising long-term use and value.
  • Feather-Light and Convenient: The entire mat weighs a mere 450g/m2, making it highly portable and extremely easy to carry. Additionally, we pack in bales of 25 mats, each diligently wrapped in a sturdy PP woven canvas tied with robust 4 straps for extra security and ease of transport.
  • Generous in Size, High in Tube Count: Beyond its convenience, this mat offers ample space, measuring 1800mm in length and 900mm in width. It also boasts a high tube count—over 1000 tubes per meter—to deliver superior comfort and cushioning, just like your bed at home.
  • Sleek Design, Sturdy Edges: Our mats' design facilitates an array of applications. They are logo-free and are available in a variety of colors and designs. Each mat features a securely bound edge, a testament to our commitment to longevity and consistent performance.

Get the best outdoor lounging or sleeping experience with our Premium Logo-Free Synthetic Sleeping Mat. This top-quality product caters to every outdoor enthusiast and event planner who prioritizes comfort without having to compromise durability and design.

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