HemoCue Hb 301/SET Photometer: Proven Excellence & Precision in Hemoglobin Measurement

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HemoCue Hb 301/SET Photometer: Excellence in Hemoglobin Measurement

A state-of-the-art device, providing top-notch hemoglobin testing with results in less than 20 seconds. Ideal for medical settings and point-of-care testing because of its:

  • Precision: Leveraging dual-wavelength optical absorption photometry for dependable outcomes.
  • Range: Offering hemoglobin measurements within 0-26 g/dL range.
  • Convenience: Facilitates reading directly from micro-cuvettes, bypassing cumbersome cleanup.
  • Data Handling: Equipped with an RS 232 interface to enable smooth data transfer and analysis.

The package includes the meter, micro-cuvettes, safety lancets, cleaners, batteries, power adapter, and user manual.

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HemoCue Hb 301/SET Photometer: A Technological Breakthrough in Hemoglobin Measurement

The HemoCue Hb 301/SET Photometer is a revolutionary device specifically designed to bring unsurpassed accuracy in hemoglobin measurements. Combining practicality and precision, this advanced device offers an innovative solution for point-of-care testing. Its state-of-the-art features assure reliable and consistent results, while its handheld design enhances agility in operation, thus building an effective bridge between healthcare providers and patients.

  • Utilizes dual wavelength optical absorption photometry (at 506 nm and 880 nm), which assures paramount accuracy in hemoglobin measurements by mitigating errors related to sample turbidity.
  • Offers direct readings from the micro-cuvette, this simplifies data interpretation and minimizes human errors.
  • Highly correlated (0.99) with the universally recognized ICSH reference method, implying high reliability and accuracy of its measurements.
  • Features built-in self-test and factory-calibrated settings, eliminating the need for frequent calibration and ensuring consistent output.
  • Flexible hemoglobin measurement ranges from 0 to 26 g/dL, making it apt for varied clinical requirements.
  • Minimal sample requirement (5 to 10uL of capillary, venous, or arterial whole blood), directly collected into a single-use micro-cuvette, ensures ease of usage and stress-free blood collection.
  • Incorporates convenient data management and sharing capabilities, thanks to the RS 232 interface that connects to printers and computers.
  • Flexible power solutions allow for operation on a 220V/50 power supply or 4 x AA/R6 1.5V batteries, ensuring uninterrupted operation for 100h to 150h.

The HemoCue Hb 301/SET Photometer is ideal for modern healthcare providers as it facilitates high-quality hemoglobin measurements with unbeaten precision across a broad spectrum of clinical settings. Designed to collect blood samples from capillary, venous, and arterial sources, it offers a comprehensive solution with enhanced operational simplicity.

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