Advanced Glucose Measuring Device - HemoCue Glucose 201+: An Essential Tool for Healthcare Professionals

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The HemoCue Glucose 201+ is a highly effective portable photometer for medical professionals. This advanced device utilizes cutting-edge absorption and reflectance photometry to generate accurate glucose measurements. Key features include:

  • Consistency: Delivers precise measurements in chemical reactions.
  • User-Friendly: Direct readings eliminate need for calculations or interpretations.
  • Compact yet Powerful: Built-in memory can store up to 400 measurements.
  • Versatile: Ability to switch between 220V/50 power supply and batteries.
  • Comprehensive: Measures glucose levels in the range of 0-500mg/dL.
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Advanced Glucose Measuring Device - HemoCue Glucose 201+: For High-Level Precision & Convienience

The HemoCue Glucose 201+ is steeped in scientific prowess and ingenious application to provide healthcare professionals with a highly reliable solution for glucose measurement. This state-of-the-art device is exemplary in both primary and neonatal care environments, offering exceptional accuracy and speed with its cutting-edge photometry technology.

The Pinnacle of Technological Innovation:

  • Highly sophisticated absorption and reflectance photometry technology for enhanced accuracy.
  • Integrated point-of-care capability ensuring seamless usage.
  • Offers dual reading (mg/dL and mmol/L) options, catering to professionals globally.
  • Covers a broad reading range, from 0 to 500 mg/dL.
  • Delivers rapid infallible results between 40 seconds and 4 minutes.
  • Long-life battery, offering between 100-150 hours of functionality, makes it supremely portable.
  • Offers convenient monitoring options like reading errors, system discrepancies, and battery status.
  • Built-in memory with the capacity to store over 400 readings for improved data management.

This device highly transcends the conventional role of a photometer, offering comprehensive kit components like 200 single-use sterile safety lancets, 200 microcuvettes, user-friendly cleaners, and a durable storage box that ensures secure transportation and storage. This epitomizes efficiency in glucose monitoring.


  • Measurement Range: 0 - 500 mg/dL
  • Reading Time: 40 seconds to 4 minutes
  • Battery Life: 100 - 150 hours
  • Memory Capacity: Above 400 measurements

The HemoCue Glucose 201+ epitomizes ease and reliability, making glucose monitoring a breeze.

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