Photometer Reagents Kit - Unsurpassed Tool for In-depth Water Quality Assessment

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Photometer Reagents Kit: Precision-engineered for robust and all-encompassing water quality diagnostics. Uniquely compatible with Photometer 7100 and various testing apparatus, facilitating seamless integration. Each set facilitates up to 200 tests on a range of parameters including Nitrate, Iron, Fluoride, pH, Colour, Aluminium, Ammonia, and Manganese.

  • Wide-Ranging Compatibility: Crafted to work harmoniously with multiple water examination tools, but exhibits optimum performance with Photometer 7100.
  • Extensive Testing Capability: Competently facilitates up to 200 diagnostic procedures across varied parameters.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Delivers intricate detail in measuring water quality, offering a comprehensive evaluation.
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Photometer Reagents Kit - Essential Tool for Accurate Water Quality Assessment

When it comes to ensuring water quality, precision and reliability are key. The Photometer Reagents Kit delivers both, providing a comprehensive solution for water quality assessments. With this kit, substantial, precise, and in-depth analyses of the various elements in your water are at your fingertips, giving you the data you need to ensure safety and health.

Key Features:

  • Concise Fluoride Accuracy: Ranging between 0 - 15mg/l, this kit provides precise measurement of fluoride levels, helping protect against potential health risks associated with excessive fluoride.
  • Iron Detection: Measure the iron concentration in your water from 0 - 10mg/l, aiding in maintaining the taste of your water and preventing pipe scaling.
  • Nitrate Monitoring: With the ability to monitor nitrate concentrations from 0 - 20mg/l, you can protect your family, particularly infants, from potential hazards.
  • pH Analysis: Comprehensive pH assessment is made possible with a range from 6.8 - 8.4, enabling optimal water safety.
  • Colour Measurement: Measure water colour from 10-500 pt or Hazen units, ensuring your drink water is free from impurities.
  • Aluminium Evaluations: Accurately determine aluminum levels (0 - 0.5mg/l) to prevent avoid potential health risks caused by high aluminum.
  • Ammonia Test: Identify sources of water corrosivity and potential harm to aquatic life with precise ammonia measurement (0 - 1.0mg/l).
  • Manganese Detection: This kit aids in identifying manganese concentrations (0 - 0.03mg/l) maintaining water quality, taste, and color.

The Photometer Reagents Kit is an indispensable tool for comprehensive assessment of water quality, offering 200-250 tests with each unique reagent pack, allowing for repeated, consistent analysis over an extended period. Unparalleled in the marriage of simplicity and reliability, the Photometer Reagents Kit is your best bet for assured water quality.

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