ParaHIT Malaria Pf Ver. 1.0 In Vitro Test Cassette: Accurate and Quick Malaria Diagnosis

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The ParaHIT Malaria Pf Ver. 1.0 In Vitro Test Cassette is a rapid, reliable malaria detection tool using lateral immuno-chromatographic technology. Features include:

  • Speedy diagnosis in 25 minutes with just 8u03bcl of whole blood
  • Each kit comprises of 25 test cassettes, buffer, test devices, and more
  • Promises product durability with a 24-month shelf life

This kit provides a practical and trustworthy solution for malaria detection, ensuring superior accuracy and zero percent invalidity.

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Experience the scientific innovation in malaria diagnostic technology with our strong>ParaHIT Malaria Pf Ver. 1.0 In Vitro Test Cassette. Designed with precision and accuracy in mind, this innovative tool makes the detection of Pf specific HRP2 in human blood specimens more effective, using advanced lateral immuno-chromatographic technology.

  • A forefront of modern medicine and scientific research, this tool offers unbeatable precision and reliability.
  • The convenient cassette format includes 25 tests for ample use, ensuring you never run out during critical testing.
  • Requiring only an 8u03bcl sample of whole blood, the device minimizes the need for invasive procedures.
  • The detection efficiency stands unparalleled at 84.9% at low P.f. parasitemia, making it a highly proficient diagnostic tool.
  • Quick results within 25 minutes allow for expedited diagnosis and immediate commencement of treatment.
  • The comprehensive kit is equipped with Buffer (6ml), Test devices (25), Specimen transfer devices, Alcohol swabs, Sterile lancets, and a User manual. Additional necessary equipment includes disposable gloves, a timer, a biohazard disposable container, and a surface disinfectant.
  • The product boasts an impressive 24-month shelf life post-manufacture, assuring longevity and dependable use.
  • Store between temperatures of 4 - 40u00b0C, and away from direct sunlight or moisture to prolong product shelf-life.
  • To guarantee accurate results, adhere to the manufacturer's instructions. Note: use of tests or reagents beyond their shelf life could lead to reduced assay sensitivity or false results.

Malaria detection has never been this rapid and accessible. With the strong>ParaHIT Malaria Pf Ver. 1.0 In Vitro Test Cassette, you'll have dependable, quick, and correct results. Stay ahead in the realm of medical diagnostics. Remember, rapid identification leads to rapid response and appropriate treatment.

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