ParaHIT Malaria Pf Cassette Kit: Reliable Rapid Malaria Testing Online

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Introducing the ParaHIT Malaria Pf Cassette Kit, a reliable, rapid tool for onsite malaria diagnosis. Specially developed to detect Pf-specific HRP2 within human whole blood samples, it provides a signal of malaria infections.

  • Format: Easy-to-use cassette.
  • Kit Size: Provides 10 tests.
  • Speed: Clear-cut results in 25 minutes.
  • Durability: Has a shelf life of 24 months post-manufacturing.
  • Storage: Optimal between 4-40u00b0C.
  • Efficacy: Delivers a panel detection score of 84.9% with no incorrect results.
  • Important: Usage necessitates personal protective equipment including gloves, timer, biohazard container, and disinfectant (not provided with the kit).
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The ParaHIT Malaria Pf Cassette Kit is an industry-leading in vitro diagnostic tool specifically designed for the quick and precise onsite detection of Plasmodium falciparum (Malaria). This state-of-the-art rapid diagnostic test makes use of advanced lateral immuno-chromatographic technology, leading to accurate detection of Malaria especially in settings where access to laboratory services is limited.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Reliable HRP2 Detection: The kit showcases superior accuracy in detecting Histidine-rich protein 2 (HRP-2), a distinctive Pf-specific protein found in human blood samples infected with Malaria.
  • User-friendly: The kit is designed for simplicity with a clear, visual result display and operational protocol that enables comfortable testing for individuals with even a minimal technical background.
  • Swift Results: Delivers results within just 25 minutes of sample application, thereby allowing for rapid diagnosis and immediate commencement of treatment.
  • Unmatched Accuracy: The design ensures zero false positives and invalidation rates, guaranteeing trustworthy results.
  • Comprehensive: The kit includes Buffer, Test Devices, Specimen Transfer Device, Alcohol Swabs, Sterile Lancets, and clear 'Instructions for Use'. The kit provides every necessary component for complete testing in one package.

The ParaHIT Malaria Pf Cassette Kit is undeniably an invaluable aid in the precise detection and rapid treatment of Malaria. By using this tool, you are empowering yourself with accurate health information, enabling swift intervention. Stay prepared and defend your health effectively with this breakthrough diagnostic kit.

Secure a ParaHIT Malaria Pf Cassette Kit online today, and be prepared to fight against Malaria. Remember, the best defense is preparedness. Do not compromise on your health, Stay safe!

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