High-Quality 70cm Wide, 25m Long Plain Paper Roll - Premium and Eco-friendly Artist's Choice

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High-Quality, Eco-Friendly White Plain Paper Roll

  • Superior Quality: Boasting 80 gsm thickness, this paper roll provides ultimate durability, ideal for various professional and artistic applications.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made up of 75% recycled paper fibres, aligning with our commitment towards sustainability and reducing environmental footprint.
  • Smooth Texture: The paper roll’s smooth surface ensures seamless blending and a polished output, best suited for artists, creatives, and professionals in pursuit of precision and excellence.
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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Craft, create, and design with our premium High-Quality 70cm Wide, 25m Long White Plain Paper Roll - Eco-friendly Artist's Choice. This vast canvas accommodates the ambitious scope of your imagination, whether your artistic expression takes the form of drawing, painting, or a myriad of DIY projects.

The generously proportioned roll, measuring 70cm in width and 25m in length, permits large scale creativity, unhampered by size limitations. The expansive material allows big ideas to flourish and artistic visions to become an expansive reality.

  • Premium Quality: Exceptional 80 gsm thickness bestows upon this paper roll a sturdy durability, capable of handling a wide array of artistic mediums including pencil, ink, and paint. A balance between toughness and adaptability, this paper withstands rigorous techniques without the fear of damage.
  • Eco-Environmentally conscious: Comprised of 75% recycled paper fibers, the creation of this plain paper roll respects and honors our planet. Artistic expression becomes not only a means of personal fulfillment but of global mindfulness as well.
  • Smooth Texture: Its particle-free surface ensures a pristine, smooth canvas for precise color application and seamless strokes across the page. An effortless interaction between paper and instrument results in artistic perfection every single time.
  • Convenient Packaging: Carefully encased in a protective 40-micron PP shrink packing, the roll guarantees undamaged storage and transportation. Whenever you are ready, a flawless blank canvas awaits your touch.

Greet the possibilities of boundless creativity with our High-Quality 70cm Wide, 25m Long Paper Roll. It’s not just specificity of artistic mediums, durability, or conservation that sets this product apart, this premium and eco-friendly artist's choice is about transcending the physical space of traditional sketching process to electronic, this paper roll allows for digital scanning and hence electronic storing and sharing. Its limitations lie not in the boundaries of the paper but in the reach of your imagination. Please note that the maximum width of the paper roll is 70cm due to packaging constraints.

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