Innovative Dry Blood Spot (DBS) Cards for Early Infant HIV Detection

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Revolutionize early infant HIV detection with our high-quality Dry Blood Spot (DBS) Cards, specifically designed for accurate nucleic acid analysis. Features:

  • Superior Traceability: Leverages cutting-edge barcoding technology for flawless identification.
  • Unrivalled Nucleic Acid Preservation: Guarantees up to 24 months of DNA preservation.
  • High Precision: Ensures accurate sample positioning with 5 marked spots.
  • Exceptional User-Friendliness: Simplifies the process with pre-perforated spots suited for PCR applications.
  • Expert Guidance: Offers step-by-step instructions for seamless blood sample collection, drying, and preservation.

Store these compact tools in cool, dry places, promptly discard any damaged or expired cards to maintain test integrity.

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Innovative Dry Blood Spot (DBS) Cards: Revolutionary Solution for Early Infant HIV Detection

Introducing our ground-breaking Dry Blood Spot (DBS) Cards, designed to revolutionize early HIV diagnostics in infants. Our DBS cards endeavor to be a critical asset in the global struggle against infant HIV, enabling early detection and timely intervention, thereby impacting countless lives.

Product Highlights:

  • Unique Barcoding System: Our ingenious barcoding system offers effortless identification and tracking of each individual sample, reducing errors and maintaining efficient records.
  • Predetermined Spot Design: The distinct spot designs on each card ensures precision in sample collection, minimizing errors, and enabling accurate diagnostics.
  • Compatibility with PCR: Our DBS cards are compatible with Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) procedures, simplifying and improving the process of DNA amplification.
  • Extended DNA Stability: With extraordinary DNA stability of up to 24 months, our DBS cards are highly beneficial for long-term diagnostic studies.

Every box contains 100 Dry Blood Spot cards, providing sufficient supply for your diagnostic needs. The combination of lightweight and compact design ensures these cards are easy to manage, store, and use.

These DBS cards represent a significant advancement in the fight against HIV, ensuring early and accurate detection in infants - a monumental leap towards improving and managing HIV cases around the world.

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