Panbio Dengue Early ELISA Kit: Your Choice for Rapid and Reliable Detection of Dengue Fever

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Product: The Panbio Dengue Early ELISA Kit is an innovative tool for early Dengue fever detection, yielding reliable results in just 2 hours and 10 minutes. This kit, complete with 96 tests, is ideal for demanding clinical and laboratory environments.

  • Performance: Combines sensitivity levels of 77.7%-76% with a specificity range of 93.6%-98.4% for maximum accuracy.
  • Contents: Comes equipped with coated wells, HRP Conjugated anti NS1 MAb, TMB Chromogen, and necessary negative/positive controls for full effectiveness.
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Introducing the Panbio Dengue Early ELISA Kit, a top-tier immunodiagnostic tool catering specially for the early detection of dengue NS1 antigen symptoms in patients. The kit's blend of speed and reliability facilitate healthcare professionals in managing patients timely and efficiently. Here are the notable features:

  • Outstanding Performance: With a sensitivity rate of up to 77.7%-76% and a high specificity rate between 93.6%-98.4%, our kit provides sharp accuracy to help eliminate false results.
  • Swift and Trustworthy: The kit's ability to yield results in slightly over two hours empowers clinicians with the time and data they need to make sound decisions, significantly enhancing patient outcomes.
  • All-inclusive: Each kit is fully equipped with the essentials–coated wells, Anti NS1 MAb conjugated with HRP, wash buffer, sample diluent, and TMB Chromogen–for effortless use and accurate results.
  • Practicality and Convenience: Our kit which is suitable for serum sample collection, offers an easy and practical diagnostic sample collection and process.

Our Panbio Dengue Early ELISA Kit boasts a 17-month shelf life but must be stored in specific conditions, between 2-8°C, and avoid freezing. An adjustable micropipettor, deionised water, a microplate washing system, a microplate reader equipped with 450nm filter, and protective apparel are not included in this kit but they are necessary for use.

By supplying accurate, speedy, and comprehensive solutions for early dengue detection, the Panbio Dengue Early ELISA Kit enhances patient management and contributes proactively to the global battle against dengue fever.

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