A4 Coloured Paper Pad: Vibrant & Eco-Friendly Art Essentials

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Unleash your artistic side with our A4 Coloured Paper Pad, an essential choice for art enthusiasts. The pack offers 10 vibrantly colored pads with 50 unruled sheets each.

  • The A4 size (297 x 210 mm) provides ample room for creativity.
  • Each sheet contains 75% recycled content, marking a sustainable choice.
  • 5+ dynamic colors offered per pad to add life to your art.
  • Provided with a durable cardboard backing and securely packed in a 40-micron PP shrink pack.
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A4 Coloured Paper Pad: Vibrant & Eco-Friendly Art Essentials

Transform your artistic visions into reality with our A4 Coloured Paper Pads! Designed to foster creativity, these versatile pads make an invaluable addition to any artist's toolset, irrespective of their experience level. The pads provide an excellent platform for various forms of art and satisfy an artist's diverse requirements efficiently satisfying their need for quality and variety.

Eco-Friendly and Superior Composition:

  • Composed mainly of 75% recovered paper fibres, encouraging environmental sustainability.
  • The 80 gsm weight, coupled with a robust 600 gsm cardboard backing, offers an exceptional amalgamation of durability and flexibility.
  • The front covering sheet of approximately 160 gsm protects the integrity of the enclosed coloured papers, making them convenient to handle and store.

Vibrant Colour Assortment and Versatile Dimensions:

  • A diverse selection of at least 5 striking colours per pad stimulates creativity and fuels the imagination.
  • A4 size sheets (297 x 210 mm) - just the perfect size for a host of artistic endeavours including sketching, doodling, origami, and paper craft.

Unparalleled Texture & Binding:

  • Plain, unruled sheets that offer a blank canvas for unrestricted artistic expression.
  • Hot-glued along the 210 mm side for secure binding, enhancing the pads' lifespan.

Safeguarded & Responsible Packaging:

  • Ten pads are responsibly packaged in a 40-micron PP shrink pack, conforming with General Packing Requirements, ensuring the products reach you in an impeccable state, ready for use.

Our A4 Coloured Paper Pads are ideal for professional artists and art hobbyists alike, delivering consistent performance and quality. Allow your imagination to wander and create art to your heart's content with our exquisite collection of vibrant papers!

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