ORS Low Osmolarity - Orange Flavor: Ultimate Hydration Solution Sachets

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ORS Low Osmolarity – Orange Flavour Sachets

Boost your hydration levels quickly and efficiently with our ORS Orange Flavoured Sachets. These are specially designed to serve as your hydration partners during illness or intense physical activity. Each package comes with ten easy-to-use sachets with an invigorating orange taste. Simply dissolve one sachet in 1L of water and revive your body’s electrolyte balance.

  • Potent Hydration Solution: Formulated to counteract dehydration by replenishing vital electrolytes.
  • Ideal for Recuperation: Perfect aid during strenuous physical exertion or sickness.
  • Per pack contains 10 sachets: Designed for preparing 1L of hydrating solution per sachet.
  • Refreshing Orange Flavor: Makes rehydration a pleasant experience.
  • Easy to Use: Just dissolve into 1L of purified drinking water.
  • Universal Usability: Suitable for consumption by all age groups.
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ORS Low Osmolarity (ORS) - Orange Flavour Sachets: Your Ultimate Hydration Solution with a Tasty Twist

Stay hydrated and refreshed anytime, anywhere with our specially formulated ORS Low Osmolarity (ORS) - Orange Flavour Sachets. These sachets are designed for rapid absorption, ideal for replenishing your body's lost electrolytes during physical activity or illness.

An Excellent Hydration Solution

  • Our ORS Low Osmolarity - Orange Flavour sachets are designed for fast, effective absorption, providing rapid rehydration.
  • They are formulated with essential electrolytes and balanced glucose, ensuring your body's fluid levels are efficiently restored.

Perfect for On-the-Go Hydration

  • Our lightweight sachets are easy to carry, making them perfect for on-the-go hydration.
  • Preparing an electrolyte-rich drink is easy. Simply dissolve each sachet in 1L of water.

Enjoy Tasty Orange Flavour

  • Our ORS - Orange Flavour Sachets enhance your hydration routine with a delightful orange flavour, making each sip tangy and refreshing.


  • Each sachet contains a well-balanced mix of anhydrous glucose (13.5g), sodium chloride (2.6g), trisodium citrate dihydrate (2.9g), and potassium chloride (1.5g), all integral for optimum hydration and energy replenishment.

Suitable for All Ages

  • Safe for both adults and children, but recommended intake varies. Always consult a healthcare professional before use.

Warning: Dispose of any leftover solution after 24 hours to ensure freshness and efficacy. If you have any questions about usage or potential effects, please consult a healthcare professional. Our ORS Low Osmolarity (ORS) - Orange Flavour Sachets aim to provide not only hydration but also a healthier, more balanced you.

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