FDA-Approved OraQuick HIV1/2 Testing Kit – Accurate & Rapid HIV Detection

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The FDA-Approved OraQuick HIV1/2 Testing Kit streamlines HIV detection with its swift, precise immunoassay mechanism. Key benefits include:

  • Sample Versatility: Compatible with whole blood, oral fluid, serum, and plasma samples.
  • Efficiency: Delivers accurate results in just 20 minutes.
  • All-Inclusive: Comes complete with a test device, stands, developer solution vial, specimen collection loops, and user manual.
  • Reliability: Created by industry leader Orasure Technologies, ensuring 100% sensitivity and specificity.
  • Sturdiness: Maintains form and function within a temperature range of 2-30°C.
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The FDA-Approved OraQuick HIV1/2 Testing Kit is a revolutionary healthcare product providing accurate, rapid HIV testing results, designed with advanced immunochromatographic assay technology. Effectively identifying antibodies for HIV1 and 2, the kit assures the highest standards in medical reliability and safety.

Conveniently embedded with 100 tests per kit, it not only meets professional medical standards but also enhances overall accessibility and utility. Simple to use and delivering results within 20 minutes, this kit is an indispensable tool for healthcare providers and medical technicians.

  • Technology: Leveraging advanced rapid immunochromatographic assay technology for accurate results.
  • Sample Type: Versatile in sample types including oral fluid, whole blood, serum, or plasma.
  • High Sensitivity & Specificity: Guarantees 100% reliability with accurate results every time.
  • Fast Results: Delivers quick results within 20 minutes.
  • Contents: The kit comprises a testing device, developer solution, test stands, specimen collection loops, and a comprehensive user manual.
  • Shelf Life: An impressive shelf life of 30 months from the manufacturing date.
  • Storage: Preserves efficiency when stored between 2-30 degrees Celsius, protected from extreme humidity and sunlight.

Remember, always follow the manufacturer's guidelines during use. Prioritize health safety by applying the appropriate biosafety measures during handling and disposal.

This FDA-Approved OraQuick HIV1/2 Testing Kit holds global recognition for its quality, featured in the WHO list of prequalified in vitro diagnostic products. This reliable HIV test ensures prompt and precise results, making a significant contribution to the global fight against HIV and AIDS.

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