Oligomycin A - High-Grade Research Compound | High Purity Guaranteed

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Enrich your research with Oligomycin A, a high-grade research compound that guarantees high purity. It is an extensively tested compound known as the gold standard inhibitor of mitochondrial ATP synthase, playing a crucial role in applications related to biochemistry and pharmaceuticals. This product has a purity level of 99% as verified by HPLC.

  • Product Name: Oligomycin A – High-Grade Research Compound
  • CAS Number: 579-13-5
  • EC Number: 209-437-3
  • Synonyms:
    • MCH 32

Access comprehensive details such as MSDS, peer-reviewed papers, and technical documents on our website. Take your research to the next level with Oligomycin A.

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Oligomycin A - A High Purity Unique Compound for Research Applications

Product Overview

Oligomycin A, famously known as MCH 32, is a high-grade compound that plays a significant role in scientific research fields. Its primary application is as a powerful inhibitor of mitochondrial ATP synthase, a critical enzyme for oxidative phosphorylation. As such, Oligomycin A becomes a crucial compound in studies about ATP synthase and analyzing its role in cellular energy metabolic processes.

Product Details

  • Chemical Compound: Oligomycin A
  • Alternate Names: MCH 32
  • CAS Number: 579-13-5
  • EC Number: 209-437-3
  • Purity: 99% guaranteed, as established by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Key Features

  • High Purity: With a guaranteed HPLC purity of 99%, Oligomycin A guarantees dependable and consistent research outcomes.
  • Proven inhibitor: As an established inhibitor of mitochondrial ATP synthase, Oligomycin A proves itself instrumental in understanding the intricate mechanisms of cellular ATP generation.
  • Target Specificity: The compound selectively attaches to the F0 subunit of ATP synthase, thus inhibiting ATP synthesis and blocking mitochondrial respiratory chain functions. This characteristic ensures the validity and precision in ATP synthase function explorations.
  • Cellular Energy Metabolism Research: Oligomycin A is central to studies on cellular energy metabolism, mitochondrial respiration, oxidative phosphorylation, and ATP generation, elucidating ATP synthase functions.
  • Wide Applicability: With potential applications in bioenergetics, mitochondrial biology, cancer research, and drug discovery, Oligomycin A proves to be a useful scientific tool across multiple disciplines.

Further Information

For comprehensive information on Oligomycin A, including its handling instructions, storage conditions, and safety precautions, please access the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on our website. Our platform also offers additional technical documents, related peer-reviewed articles, and similar products to support your research needs.

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