Eco-Friendly A6 Size Plain Notepad - 10 Pack | Compact and Sustainable Stationery for Every Need

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Eco-friendly A6 Size Plain Notepad – Pack of 10 is a sustainably designed stationery product, perfect for a variety of note-taking and sketching needs. Its lightweight design and compact size make it highly portable.

  • Dimension: A6 size (105 x 148 mm) ideal for use on the go.
  • 60gsm paper with 100 sheets adequacy for extensive notes and sketches.
  • Manufactured using 75% recovered paper fibers: an eco-friendly choice helping in environmental sustainability.
  • Packaging: 40-micron PP shrink pack ensures each notepad remains protected and in perfect condition.

Enhance your stationery collection with this environmentally conscious product, designed for utmost efficiency and sustainability.

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Eco-Friendly A6 Size Plain Notepad 10-Pack | Sustainable Stationery

Introducing our Eco-Friendly A6 Size Plain Notepad - your writing needs concisely wrapped in environmental consciousness. Specifically designed to offer a seamless writing experience, our notepads are versatile, sturdy, and suitable for pens, pencils, and markers. These bundles of 100 sheets of 60gsm paper are constructed using 75% recovered paper fibers, promoting sustainable practices.

They come in the compact A6 size of 105mm x 148 mm, perfect for slipping into a pocket, bag or backpack - a portable haven for your thoughts and ideas. Filled with 100 sheets of 60gsm paper, our notepads are not just a stationery accessory, but a lasting companion.

  • Build: With the inclusion of 100 securely bound sheets that can easily be removed due to top perforation. Each notepad is backed by 0.5 mm grey recycled cardboard reinforcing its eco-friendly design.
  • Quality: Crafted with white, high-quality 75% recovered paper fibers, our notepads respect the environment by minimizing the ecological imprint. Write with confidence knowing you contribute less waste.
  • Usability: With perforated sheets for easy tear, you can effortlessly share notes or discard old ones. Pages and backing are glued and stapled along the short side, ensuring absolute stability.
  • Practicality: Whether for recording medical information or jotting daily reminders, the no-cover design allows immediate access to your records seamlessly.
  • Sustainability: By choosing our notepads, you join the growing trend of embracing reliable, eco-friendly products.
  • Packaging: Each notepad is shielded with a 40-micron PP shrink pack. Each pack contains ten notepads.

Choose our plain, eco-friendly A6 Size Notepad - designed to last - for quick access to your notes, sketches, or vital information. Make writing a more sustainable practice today.

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