Premium 20G Vacuum Tube Needles for Efficient Blood Collection

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Premium 20G Vacuum Tube Needles – Box of 100

  • Premium Quality: Crafted for excellence, our vacuum tube needles offer sterling performance for blood collection. Each box offers 100 sterile and reliable units.
  • Optimal Size: Sized at 20G, with a 38mm length and 0.9mm diameter, these needles provide optimal patient comfort without compromising efficiency.
  • Safety Assured: With individual packaging and sterilization, we prioritize patient safety through strict contamination prevention.
  • Convenient Packaging: Compact and lightweight at 10kg and 0.04m3 respectively, our package ensures hassle-free storage and transport.
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Premium 20G Vacuum Tube Needles - Box of 100 for Optimal Blood Collection

Offering superior quality and enhanced safety, our exceptional 20G vacuum tube needles are designed with precision to provide a seamless blood collection experience. They promise optimal functionality and imperative sterility, coming in a sterile pack of 100 that ensures each needle is unadulterated and primed for use.

Distinguished Quality and Advanced Design

Every 20G vacuum tube needle featured in this set has been manufactured with extreme meticulousness to ensure seamless blood collection procedures. With each needle flaunting a 38mm length and a 0.9mm diameter, we assure optimal performance and minimal discomfort during venipuncture procedures.

Unmatched Features:

  • Designed with top-grade, sterile, 20G needles
  • Perfectly crafted for smooth blood collection
  • Each needle is 38mm in length and 0.9mm in diameter
  • 100 20G vacuum tube needles per box
  • Weights approximately 10kg with the volume of about 0.04m3

Sought-after Usage

This set of needles is indispensable for blood collection and serves a multitude of settings – from professional medical facilities to educational situations where students practice their phlebotomy skills.

Maximized Safety and Unquestionable Reliability

Patient safety is our top concern. Each needle in this set comes individually sealed to ensure sterility and safety. The 20G size is ideal for blood collection and is designed to minimize patient discomfort.

Designed for Convenience

Our needles are housed in a compact box containing 100 units. Its easy-to-stack design makes it simple to store, transport and use. Weighing about 10kg and with a volume of approximately 0.04m3, this pack is perfect for for healthcare facilities dealing with limited storage space.

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