High-Quality Needle Holder Vacuum Tubes - Efficiency and Comfort for Blood Collection

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High-Grade Stainless Steel Needle Holder Vacuum Tubes for Efficient Blood Collection:

  • Materials: Durable stainless steel construction for lasting performance and reliability.
  • Application: Optimally designed for proficient blood collection in medical and healthcare sectors.
  • Compatibility: Universally designed to fit vacuum tubes between 13-16mm in diameter, enhancing adaptability.
  • Procurement: Packaged conveniently in bulks of 250, ensuring effective inventory control.
  • Design: Engineered for effective handling and maneuvering with a compact design.
  • Specifications: Each lightweight unit weighs around 0.360kg and occupies a volume of 0.013m3.
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High-Quality Needle Holder Vacuum Tubes for Efficient Blood Collection: Best-in-Class Solution for Healthcare Practitioners

Our High-Quality Needle Holder Vacuum Tubes for Efficient Blood Collection are the epitome of precision, convenience, and efficiency. Featuring state-of-the-art engineering, these vacuum tubes are the go-to solution for varied blood collection scenarios, helping healthcare professionals achieve a seamless workflow using just one hand. Whether it's for a busy hospital, a health clinic, or a specialized laboratory, these tubes are designed for universal application due to compatibility with all standard vacuum tubes.

  • Versatile Design: Comfortably fits diameters of 13mm to 16mm, offering maximum flexibility to healthcare professionals.
  • Ergonomic and Sturdy: Fitted with a secure, comfortable grip, our vacuum tubes optimize control and enhance stability during blood collection, ensuring patient comfort.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed with top-tier materials that can withstand daily usage while providing consistent performance. The robust nature of these tubes ensures their long-term durability and reliability.
  • Bulk Package: A pack includes 250 vacuum tubes, making it an ideal pick for large-scale healthcare facilities.
  • Convenient Packaging: Comes in a lightweight box weighing just 0.360kg and a volume capacity of 0.013m3, easing transportation and storage hassles.
  • Meets Medical Standards: Adherence to stringent medical standards guarantees a safe, effective, and hygienic blood collection process.

Our tubes are designed focusing on user comfort, efficiency, and reliability, enabling medical practitioners to solely focus on patients and their needs. Equip your healthcare facility with our best-in-class vacuum tubes for a superior and hassle-free blood collection procedure!

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