Naloxone 400 mcg/ml Injection - Rapid Response to Opioid Overdoses

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Naloxone 400 mcg/ml Injection – Fast-Acting Solution for Opioid Overdoses. This lifesaving antidote is vital for emergency kits, delivering an efficient 400 mcg/ml dose in each 1ml ampoule, optimized for maximum absorption. Boasting an excellent cost-effectiveness, it is ready for immediate use in situations of opioid overdoses. This product adheres to guidelines outlined in the WHO Model Formulary for usage, contraindications, dosage, and potential side effects. Primarily employed in emergency situations, it is an essential component in Obstetric, Surgical, and IEHK2011 kits.

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Naloxone 400 mcg/ml Injection: This life-saving medication offers a quick solution against the hazardous impacts of opioid overdose. This must-have emergency medicine is contained within a cost-effective pack of 10, available in 1ml ampoules. Efficient in its administration, Naloxone rapidly counteracts the life-threatening effects of overdosing on heroin or prescription opioid pain medicines by restoring normal breathing. It's a powerful tool in combating the global opioid crisis.

  • Each 1ml ampoule consists of Naloxone 400 mcg, enough for immediate use during an opioid overdose emergency.
  • One package includes 10 vials of 1ml ampoules, ensuring you have a reliable supply when you need it most.
  • The medication is quickly absorbed and acted on, making it incredibly successful in emergencies.

Naloxone is also an indispensable item in vital medical kits, such as Obstetric and IEHK2011 kits. To learn more about its usage, dosage, contraindications, precautions, and possible side effects, refer to the linked WHO Model Formulary.

Amp up your preparedness for dire circumstances with Naloxone 400 mcg/ml Injection. This accessible, user-friendly product could very well be the deciding factor in saving a life from an opioid overdose.

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